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Title: Interim (third part!)
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Rue/Mytho
Rating: PG-13 (but not until later parts)
Chapter: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Summary: Some stories cannot ever be finished; some changes take patience, care, and time. Rue begins to heal.

Chapter Three: the winter months spread out before Rue like a sea, interminable, so far-reaching that she cannot hope to see the shore on the other side.

It's also up at A03, if you'd like to read it there instead!
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Hey, guys! Long time no see. I've still been around and super-active in this lovely fandom, though I don't post here a lot anymore.

Anyway, I'm glad this comm is still alive! And I come bearing a little fic. Actually, it's huge.

Behind Closed Doors - Chapter 7

Title: Pushing the Limits

Series: Princess Tutu

Pairing: Fakir/Ahiru

Rating: NC-17. MATURE.

Word Count: 16,487 (…Not even joking.)

Link: (Fanfiction.net): Pushing the Limits

Notes: My first attempt at writing ballet sex! This is post-series and it has some fluffy stuff before it gets into the smut route. I actually had 70% or so of it written for a long time and only just now finished it. (I am ashamed, yes.) And Behind Closed Doors isn’t an on-going fic - it’s like a compilation of one-shots that are mature in nature. The stories don’t relate to each other, so there’s no need to read the other 6 chapters to understand this one.

And this chapter is a very late birthday present for Bethy/mildmilotic. <3

Also, please note the Author’s Note at the end of the fic! I may start taking requests for this series of one-shots if people are in favor of the idea, since my ideas are starting to run a little thin (or all being used for RP purposes, hurr hurr 8D).

Hope you enjoy! :D
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Title: Interim (second part!)
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Rue/Mytho
Rating: PG-13 (but not until later parts)
Chapter: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Summary: Some stories cannot ever be finished; some changes take patience, care, and time. Rue begins to heal.

Chapter Two: summer turns to fall, and even as the leaves wrinkle with dark color, as the birds draw their wings close and look southward, Rue is still trying.

It's also up at A03, if you'd like to read it there instead!
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Uh, hi everyone! This comm has kind of petered off in the last few months (;___;) but I hope there might be some people around who would still be interested in a fic? (I'll be posting the remaining sections over the upcoming week; the fic is already finished, so need to worry if you'll be left hanging or not. It's just so long that it felt wrong to unleash it on the world all at once, haha.)

Title: Interim
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Rue/Mytho
Rating: PG-13 (but not until later parts)
Chapter: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Summary: Some stories cannot ever be finished; some changes take patience, care, and time. Rue begins to heal.

their chariot flies for days and nights and does not seem to think of stopping.

It's also up at A03, if you'd like to read it there instead!
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I've been making this one AMV for a while but it feels kind of bland to me and I'm having a hard time deciding which clips to use and stuff. I've gotten 2 mins in but I'm not sure where to go from there and I'm wondering if anyone wants to take it over and help me work on it? You'd be free to change the parts I've done already if you think a different clip would work better. The song is Retrace by Anberlin. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you what I have so far! (Oh and btw it's a Fakiru vid)
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Hello Tutu comm! The prompts for the second year of Fakiru Week have been updated on the main deviantArt page, which can be found here

The prompts are as follows:

24 - Red
25 - Silence 
26 - Dreams
27 - Gift
28 - Light
29 - Play
30 - Forever

For newcomers, this is a week where you can contribute any fan related medium--art, fic, AMVs, craft, etc. that are related to the prompts of each day. For more information, you can read up on the rules and guidelines located here. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. You don't have to be a member of dA to participate, and it's all in good fun! Even if you're not up to contributing this year, it's still worth it to check out other's works. 

Hope to see you there!
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Apparently there's going to be an official PT 10th Anniversary Festival in Tokyo on August 16th. XD

The event will (I think, this is based on Google Translate's version of the event website) feature director Junichi Sato, character designer Ikuko Itoh, Ahiru's seiyu Nanae Katou, Mytho's seiyu Naoki Yanagi, and others I'm hoping Takahiro Sakurai will be able to attend, but he's pretty busy lately so who knows. There will be behind-the-scenes stories about the production of Princess Tutu as well as a Q&A session. I think the anime will also be rerun on this date on different TV stations in Japan but the event itself will require a ticket.

The official event website is HERE and you can also find news about the event by following Junichi Sato's twitter account under the hashtag #ptutu. And if you are lucky enough to be in Japan you can purchase the ticket for attending the event here.
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Postée à l'origine par [livejournal.com profile] fragolette sur Nördlingen
After seeing beautiful pictures of Nördlingen, I decided to go there by myself and here are my pictures. It was beautiful, I hope to be able to go again and sleep in the town! It's a very quiet town with only one street with people. It's quite small but with lots of streets. I was so happy to see the city that inspired Princess Tutu anime!

 Eglise1 Eglise8

St.George church and the fountain
 Eglise2 Eglise4
Inside the church and inside the tower of the church called "Daniel"
Eglise5 Eglise6
The bell of the church and the stairs to climb (70,30 M)
Hotel1 Cafe1
Hostel and cafe restaurant
P1020212 P1020275B
Next to the city wall with the parapet walkway
Pont1 Pont2
"Neumühle", the new water mill with a bottom-driven wheel
Rathaus3 Rathaus2
The city hall ("stone house of Nördlingen")
Rathaus4 Rathaus5
The outside staircase of the stone house with a chamber known as the "fool's house"
Remparts3 Remparts1
Inside the parapet walkway
Tour1 Tour5
2 of the many towers of the town: Deininger Tor and Reimlinger Tor.

I stayed only for about 4 hours in the town and I wish I could stay more but I had to go back to Munich. I visited the south of Bavaria for 1 week and it was wonderful. I loved the castles of Ludwig II of Baviera. I'll probably return to Bavaria to do the romantic road (Nördlingen is part of it but there are other beautiful towns).

There isn't an animated clock in Nörlingen but there is one in Munich and the swan fountain is at Hohenschwangau's castle:

P1020289 DSCF0328

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Uh wow I haven't been here in ages (I have a bit of a reason for taking a bit of a break from Tutu but that doesn't need to be explained here and now) but I come bearing art (I totally hope this is still an ok thing to be doing here I mean I've done it before but wow am I nervous)!!
casually throws the stuff under a cut (that's what they're called, right? please work cut please)

Under here! )
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Hello, community!  Today, I just received some Tutu reference material in the mail and I'd like to share some of it with you!  In total, there has to be about 125 of these things.  Since I don't have much time today to scan, but I was much too excited to not share with everyone, here are 18 of them that I thought are either interesting or could be useful to fanart or fanfiction.  (If you want to see more images like this, Mangaka_chan shared some images from her Materials Collection here)

I never considered that Mytho and Fakir's swords were different sizes.  It looks like their sword heights were designed to be  relative to the characters' heights.

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Title: An Uncommon Witness
Rating: T
Warning: discussions and imagery of violence
(1920's AU) Duck lived a quiet life until she witnessed a mob murder. Now caught up in a tale involving a persistent detective, a dangerous mobster, and a beautiful actress, will she ever return to her quiet life again? Or will the mob catch up to her first?


Marry me!!!

Jul. 6th, 2012 01:16 pm
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Recently I've been reading Ranma 1/2 manga...in Vol. 12 there's a plot line featuring a giant cat that lives in a bell. His goal in life/obsession is to find a human girl to marry and he proposes marriage to every girl he meets. He also says thing like, "My bride!"; "Then, if I defeat him...you must marry me!"; and "A new bride!" whenever he meets a new girl.

I wonder if the creators of Princess Tutu are Ranma fans, or if everyone just thinks that the idea of a cat being obsessed with marriage is hilarious.
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Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has a Rue school uniform they're looking to sell? I really want to cosplay as her for a convention in August. I don't have a sewing machine so I can't make a costume, so my options are asking someone to sell their costume or getting a commission.
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A fanmix of the pairing Fakir/Duck from Princess Tutu. I did this in response to a meme on tumblr, and I thought I'd share it on livejournal. The songs switch back and forth between Duck and Fakir's perspective, and the last three are from both of them. I hope you enjoy!

So divided we fall, but stronger we stand... )

First AMV!

Jun. 19th, 2012 12:11 am
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I just finished my first AMV--Princess Tutu, of course--and I thought I'd share. I used "Transformation" from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and of course it's mostly Fakiru. ^___^


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According to the ads I've been seeing online, a show largely about ballerinas, Bunheads, will start on ABC Family tonight! And possibly, for anyone like me who doesn't have cable/satellite, the episodes may also be posted on their website. There's some clips, at least.

Just thought I'd pass the news along, since ballet is such an integral part of Tutu. :) I'm rather intrigued by the sound of this series. I hope it turns out to be good.

(I'm not entirely sure how to tag this....)
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This is a general notice to the community. And a plea for help.

As you may know, I have shared some PT doujinshi here in the past. However, lately, it has come to my attention that someone (and I have no idea who) that downloaded, did not follow the given guidelines. They had "Mitternacht Glocke" (NC-17 doujinshi, by the way, so be careful not to look at the scans on those pages if it's not your thing) put up and displayed on THREE different sites:

Fakku: http://www.fakku.net/doujinshi/mitternacht-glocke-english

Desudesu.com: http://desudesu0.com/archives/11114

G-E-Hentai: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/433480/b9bd96fd01/

All requests made to these sites to have the doujinshi taken down have been ignored. The owner of Fakku is the one who put it up there. I e-mailed him at: jacob@fakku.net  He asked to see the conversation between Herberywood and I and I sent it to him. He has not messaged me back since (and this was a few days ago, now) and the doujinshi remains up on his site. The hentai site did not reply, either, and the doujinshi remains up on there.

This puts Rainbowfish/Herberywood's site in danger. Why?

I wasn't kidding when I said that in an e-mail conversation between me and one of the Herberywood circle, they asked NOT TO HAVE THEIR WORK POSTED ON OTHER SITES. I'll even show you guys the e-mail they sent me many years ago when I said I had some of their doujinshi, loved it, and asked them about purchasing further doujinshi directly from them:

From: rainbowfish@ii.em-net.ne.jp
To: silent_angel777@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Fan Question
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 22:47:04 +0900

Hello! Thank you very much for an email.
It is the first time that I get an email from U.S.A. and is surprised very much.
It is to want to sell a coterie magazine by mail order, but I am very sorry, but do not sell it by mail order abroad basically in my site circle.
The staying in Japan that I transfer it to an account of a Japanese post office, and is possible is an object.
I tried to examine it, but it is the big reason that foreign countries do not sell by mail order that a thing and the fee that are impossible with present status so that after all a procedure is necessary for realization by a method except it are high at all.
Please understand it.

It is a request, but publications please do not make my picture have a site without permission.
I do not pay attention to a share to enjoy with an individual, but what anyone puts in seen environment please stop.
Of oneself is because it thinks very unpleasantly that is not going to know it, and is used my picture without permission.
Japanese copyright is very severe.
When I am the worst, I must come to close a site.
I seem to begin to draw fanart and feel very glad that tutufan is active.
More fans should increase.
From Nijimasu

Please, please, PT comm. If you can spare these guys on the uploaded sites an e-mail, I would really appreciate it. They took these scans from here, where I shared them for personal viewing of fans ONLY, and they are spreading them across the net freely after my posts specifically asked people not to do so for the sake of the artist's wishes. This needs to stop before we may possibly lose one of our beloved Japanese PT fansites.

Thank you for your time. It may also be noted that I will NOT be sharing any doujinshi again until further notice. This greatly saddens me that some fan(s) have done this.
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I totally hope that questions of this sort are allowed on this comm and that the moderators won't crucify me for asking stupid things, but here goes:

Can you recommend me some well-written and thoughtful essays on Princess Tutu?

I'm sure there were some clever posts on this topic in the past, but I don't see "essay" or "analysis" as tags, so I hope you guys can refer me to some useful links.

Detailed begging under the cut. )


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