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Hello, community!  Today, I just received some Tutu reference material in the mail and I'd like to share some of it with you!  In total, there has to be about 125 of these things.  Since I don't have much time today to scan, but I was much too excited to not share with everyone, here are 18 of them that I thought are either interesting or could be useful to fanart or fanfiction.  (If you want to see more images like this, Mangaka_chan shared some images from her Materials Collection here)

I never considered that Mytho and Fakir's swords were different sizes.  It looks like their sword heights were designed to be  relative to the characters' heights.

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Hi, everyone!  I'm selling a bunch of Princess Tutu doujinshi on ebay right now if you'd like to take a look.  I've set the prices to less than what I paid for them so you should get a good deal.

The stories are pre-series, post-series, during series, an au, and just a whole hodgepodge of goodies.  Mostly Fakiru but you do see some Mytho/Rue in some as well.


Also, does everyone realize this year is Princess Tutu's 10th Anniversary???  How exciting is that?
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Title: Picnic Gone Wrong
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Couple/Major characters: Fakir/Ahiru
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I do not own Princess Tutu
Summary: Lilie and Pike had a plan, Ahiru had a peculiar dream and Fakir didn't know why he was involved in both of these while Rue was watching the situations that would follow with a lot of interest. How true are the feelings between the three friends and how much does Fakir really care for Ahiru? Will he manage to say the right words or will he not? How strong can Lilie and Pike be against the words of temptation?

Note: Written for the Magical Girl fic exchange. I was asked to write an Ahiru centered story that would somehow make her appear at some point in her duck form and if it would have a romantic aspect, it would be Fakir/Ahiru. Also fills theme 174 "Spellbound" from the 500themes challenge.

On DW||FF.net||AO3
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This is the third set of icons I've made with my own screencaps. I used images from episodes 16-20. Enjoy!

Part 1
(Ahiru/Tutu, Autor, Fakir, Femio)
Part 2 (Freya, Hermia, Lilie, Drosselmeyer, Mytho)
Part 3 (Neko-sensei, Pique, Rue/Kraehe, Uzura, Other Dancer Girls, Raetsel)
Part 4 (Romantic and Platonic Groups)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Another 200+ batch of icons! This time from episodes 1-6. As before, I used my own screencaps. CREDIT IS NICE, BUT NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY.

Link to Part 1 (includes Ahiru/Tutu, Drosselmeyer, Fakir, and Lilie)
Link to Part 2 (includes Mytho, Neko-sensei, Rue, Edel, Paulamoni, and Ebine)
Link to Part 3 (group shot icons)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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I was fooling around on various dollmaker-type thingies, and I finally got around to uploading the screencaps I collected of them to amuse people with! XD;; One of them is RPG Sprites, and the other is a Disney Princess generator, and so the guys are basically female versions of themselves XD;; (Though, I tried to keep their designs otherwise the same)

RPG Sprites! )

Disney Princess style...? )
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 I must just be on a roll! I wrote this chapter really quickly, and I'm already halfway through the next chapter.

Story: Fairytale Endings
Characters: Duck, Fakir, Charon, Mr. Cat, Pique, Lillie
Rating: K+
Summary: Life is normal in Kinkan for Duck and Fakir, at least until Fakir begins writing a story. Kind of a vague summary.

You can read my new chapter at fanfiction.net.

As well, I'm putting together a playlist for the story that I'll probably post with the next chapter or two.
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I made over 200 Princess Tutu icons (in 4 parts)! Using my own screencaps! Taken from episodes 7-15 (for some reason I skipped 1-6, but I will go back and get those next). As per usual, there are various degrees of crack in these icons, and some pop culture references, but make of that what you will. :3 CREDIT IS NICE, BUT NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY.

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Drosselmeyer, Edel, Fakir, and Lilie)
Part 2 (Mytho)
Part 3 (Neko-sensei, Pique, and the first bit of Rue/Kraehe)
Part 4 (more Rue/Kraehe, The Evil Necklace, Malen, and groups/pairings)

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 So way back in January it was my best friend [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_regina 's birthday, and since she's awesome and I lack monies, I always make her birthday gifts. 

This year's fave fandom was Princess Tutu, therefore I drew her a doujinshi again (some of you may have seen the avatar doujinshi I made her a few years back).

With school I kinda forgot about it, but I asked her if I could share and she said to knock myself out.

Download link: www.megaupload.com/

Please let me know which section you like best; mine's the one I got the preview image from. Also Drosselmeyer is surprisingly easy to draw.
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Hello, hello~! 

I bring you guys a little treat courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] apricotsushi ~! Namely, she has translated the Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night doujinshi I shared a few weeks ago, for your reading pleasure!

To get the translation, just comment here to say you would like it and I'll send you a screened comment with a link to the download! When I have sent it, I will reply to your comment with "Sent!", so you know it has been sent to you (and if you don't get it, feel free to tell me and we'll work it out).

Also, I have reuploaded the doujinshi itself, for those that might have missed it last time. If you would like that, please specify in your comment. The doujinshi in question is THIS ONE here. But please comment to this post for the download, not there.

Sound good?

Oh, and one more thing: By request of [livejournal.com profile] apricotsushi , she would like to say that she is taking translation commissions! Please contact her for details! :D

And do thank her for the wonderful translation. <3 She's amazing.
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Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that you still have 6 days to purchase the This Pendent Heart fanbook! Information on how to purchase and previews can be found HERE.

Front and back covers

Title: This Pendent Heart
Rating: PG-13 (for dark theme and violence)
Character/pairings: All characters, pairings: Fakir/Ahiru and Mytho/Rue
Pages: 197 total (19 illustrations and 12 pages of doujinshi comic)
Size: A5
Description: When the story ends, almost everyone in Goldcrown Town forgets that their lives had once been turned upside down by a story, that there had ever been a girl named Duck at all. When Duck herself begins to forget, Fakir writes a story that costs him dearly.


I also want to remind everyone that I'm offering a colored piece of fanart or a short doujinshi for the [livejournal.com profile] help_japan charity auction. My auction page can be found HERE and there are lots of other PT related auctions as well. Please have a look and help support Japan's recovery!
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I've had nuuuuuuuuuumerous requests to reupload this doujinshi, so... I have done so!

And I'm going to go ahead and be lazy and copy-paste from the last time: 

Hello, hello~! I come bearing another doujinshi to share! And this one is one of my all-time favorites! :D I hope you will enjoy it, as well!

THAT SAID. Let's get right down to it, shall we?

1. ALL comments to this entry are screened. That is because I am not openly putting the download link on the entry itself, but rather, I will reply to the comments by giving them the download link. Thus, comment to this entry and request the download link. That's the only way I will be giving it out. (I'll also be sending a second comment to let you know it's been sent, so you can tell me if you didn't get it.) This is, again, mostly due to someone who decided to upload scans on their own site.

2. This doujinshi completely and wholly safe and cute.  PG, if it needs a rating, I suppose.

3. Pairings are included, though it's not completely focused on them (I would say a good deal of it is, though). And those pairings in question are: Fakir/Ahiru and Mytho/Rue

4. Feedback would be helpful, if you'd be willing to offer any before/after downloading it! It's kind of a pain to completely ruin these books and scan them, so I like to know the fans find it worth it to do so? XD;

5. Another reason the download links are given individually and through screened comments is so I can keep track of how many times the file is being downloaded. DO NOT GO AND GIVE THE LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS OR POST/UPLOAD IT ELSEWHERE. This material is NOT to be re-uploaded or shared at your discretion. Please follow this if you wish for me to continue sharing doujinshi.

6. I can't translate anything, so this is RAW. I do not have a translator for this, currently. And if anyone would perhaps be interested in translating Princess Tutu doujinshi (this or others), feel free to check my LJ contact info or mention here if you're interested and perhaps we can work something out.

7. Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marginoferror  for his special assistance in translating the title of the doujinshi for me! (Since I couldn't read it and therefore had no way of knowing what to name the file besides something lame like 'untitled doujinshi'. XD;) He noted that the title translation is not 100% correct, since apparently part of it is a made up word. But out of the general translations that he gave me for "Tsukiyo no Yasoukai" as a whole, the one probably closest (since it fits the theme of the dojinshi) would roughly be: "Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night".

Cover art and details under this cut )
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Hi everyone

Just a reminder that there's less than a month left if you're still interested in purchasing a copy of the This Pendent Heart fanbook. You can find more info on the fanbook, including previews and purchasing information, HERE.

Front and back covers

Title: This Pendent Heart
Rating: PG-13 (for dark theme and violence)
Character/pairings: All characters, pairings: Fakir/Ahiru and Mytho/Rue
Pages: 197 total (19 illustrations and 12 pages of doujinshi comic)
Size: A5
Description: When the story ends, almost everyone in Goldcrown Town forgets that their lives had once been turned upside down by a story, that there had ever been a girl named Duck at all. When Duck herself begins to forget, Fakir writes a story that costs him dearly.

66 icons

Jan. 21st, 2011 05:59 pm
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I made some more icons! Yay! You can find them HERE AT MY JOURNAL.

The non-Autor icons (except for Rue #10, #65 in the table) are from screencaps by [livejournal.com profile] cherrymoonlight . The Autor icons (and the previously mentioned Rue icon) are from screencaps by [livejournal.com profile] tomoyoichijouji . If you use any of these icons, credit is nice but not necessary.

Princess Tutu icons x66
Ahiru (including bird form and Tutu) x17
Autor x18
Drosselmeyer x1
Ebine x1
Fakir x2 (that's a surprisingly low number)
Lilie x1
Mytho x14
Pique x1
Rue x10
Mytho+Rue x1

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  
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Title:  Da Mihi Tuum Cordem
Chapter:  Two
  Princess Tutu
Rating:  T
Genre:  Romance/Drama
Word Count:  3,423
Characters/Pairings:  Fakir as Lohengrin, Princess Tutu/Ahiru as Odette, Mytho as Prince Siegfried, Rue as Princess Odile.  Pairings: Fakir/Ahiru, Mytho/Tutu, Mytho/Rue

In a court where personal happiness and love must be set aside for political affairs, Lohengrin finds himself courting the beautiful Princess Tutu while the prince marries a princess from the Raven country.

FFN.net Link | LiveJournal Link

Notes: This was going to be twice as longer but, I decided to cut the chapter short(er) since I thought it was getting a bit too long. So, I suppose that this means it's going to be even longer than I imagined. Anyway, this is- if the first chapter is any indication- getting somewhat darker. I'd like for everyone to keep in mind that I'm doing my best to recpature what might have happened before Mytho shattered his heart to seal the raven away. So, each of the character's actions and development does have purpose. Also, the translation of the title, if anyone hasn't figured it out yet, is Latin for "Give me your heart." A very prevalent theme in season two.

**if anyone reads it on FFN, let me know how the formatting looks since it appears different in different browsers**


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