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(Excerpt from my journal entry Friday 9/28) ....the dA Club_Tutu September contest is one I really couldn't pass up, so I managed to post an entry, possibly in hindsight by doing something unethical at the library (downloading the picture from my email onto their desktop.) And I totally forgot the link, but it's at Club_Tutu at deviantArt.com. I use the same name there as here.

Mr. Cat. Really. And for whatever reason, I actually could get on dA from the local library! Maybe the hint was dropped that a naughty name isn't everything.

Marry me!!!

Jul. 6th, 2012 01:16 pm
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Recently I've been reading Ranma 1/2 manga...in Vol. 12 there's a plot line featuring a giant cat that lives in a bell. His goal in life/obsession is to find a human girl to marry and he proposes marriage to every girl he meets. He also says thing like, "My bride!"; "Then, if I defeat him...you must marry me!"; and "A new bride!" whenever he meets a new girl.

I wonder if the creators of Princess Tutu are Ranma fans, or if everyone just thinks that the idea of a cat being obsessed with marriage is hilarious.
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Hi, everyone!  I'm selling a bunch of Princess Tutu doujinshi on ebay right now if you'd like to take a look.  I've set the prices to less than what I paid for them so you should get a good deal.

The stories are pre-series, post-series, during series, an au, and just a whole hodgepodge of goodies.  Mostly Fakiru but you do see some Mytho/Rue in some as well.


Also, does everyone realize this year is Princess Tutu's 10th Anniversary???  How exciting is that?

Intro Post

Feb. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm
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Hello, community.  I've been lurking here for several years & only now decided to post because [livejournal.com profile] usedtotime has been encouraging me to do so for months.  I'm really nervous.  I'm really shy.  *hides*  (/).(\)
Ahiru is my favorite character and I really like making animated gifs.  I also like to paste together long panning shots into one giant image.  I've made quite a few Princess Tutu gifs and images and would like to share some of them so my intro post has some interesting content.  I've uploaded quite a bit of these onto Tumblr already

More )
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Here is my fourth set of icons! I used my own screencaps once again, this time from episodes 21-24. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT AND COMMENT IF YOU SNAG ANY! Enjoy!

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Autor, Bookmen, Edel, Drosselmeyer)
Part 2 (Mytho, Neko-sensei, Raven, Rue/Kraehe, Uzura)
Part 3 (Groups and Pairings)

null null null null
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Title: Passing Notes

Fandom: Princess Tutu
Word Count: 100
Summary: Hermia and Neko-sensei
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Princess Tutu.

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This is the third set of icons I've made with my own screencaps. I used images from episodes 16-20. Enjoy!

Part 1
(Ahiru/Tutu, Autor, Fakir, Femio)
Part 2 (Freya, Hermia, Lilie, Drosselmeyer, Mytho)
Part 3 (Neko-sensei, Pique, Rue/Kraehe, Uzura, Other Dancer Girls, Raetsel)
Part 4 (Romantic and Platonic Groups)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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I'm trying to find a screenshot of when Mr. Cat rejects Ms. Goatette, but I have no idea which episode that's in. If someone could tell me, I'd really appreciate it. I think it's in the second season, but I could be wrong. If you just tell me which episode it is I can make my own screenshot, but I'd rather ask than skim through each episode.

Edit: thanks, I had my question answered already!
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Hello everyone! I’m new here. Nice to meet you!!

So…for my first post in the community I wanted to share my attempt of translating some of the information that was in the Princess Tutu Guide Book scans.



Translations behind cut )
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Another 200+ batch of icons! This time from episodes 1-6. As before, I used my own screencaps. CREDIT IS NICE, BUT NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY.

Link to Part 1 (includes Ahiru/Tutu, Drosselmeyer, Fakir, and Lilie)
Link to Part 2 (includes Mytho, Neko-sensei, Rue, Edel, Paulamoni, and Ebine)
Link to Part 3 (group shot icons)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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 I must just be on a roll! I wrote this chapter really quickly, and I'm already halfway through the next chapter.

Story: Fairytale Endings
Characters: Duck, Fakir, Charon, Mr. Cat, Pique, Lillie
Rating: K+
Summary: Life is normal in Kinkan for Duck and Fakir, at least until Fakir begins writing a story. Kind of a vague summary.

You can read my new chapter at fanfiction.net.

As well, I'm putting together a playlist for the story that I'll probably post with the next chapter or two.
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I made over 200 Princess Tutu icons (in 4 parts)! Using my own screencaps! Taken from episodes 7-15 (for some reason I skipped 1-6, but I will go back and get those next). As per usual, there are various degrees of crack in these icons, and some pop culture references, but make of that what you will. :3 CREDIT IS NICE, BUT NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY.

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Drosselmeyer, Edel, Fakir, and Lilie)
Part 2 (Mytho)
Part 3 (Neko-sensei, Pique, and the first bit of Rue/Kraehe)
Part 4 (more Rue/Kraehe, The Evil Necklace, Malen, and groups/pairings)

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] quality_icons 
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Hello, hello~! 

I bring you guys a little treat courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] apricotsushi ~! Namely, she has translated the Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night doujinshi I shared a few weeks ago, for your reading pleasure!

To get the translation, just comment here to say you would like it and I'll send you a screened comment with a link to the download! When I have sent it, I will reply to your comment with "Sent!", so you know it has been sent to you (and if you don't get it, feel free to tell me and we'll work it out).

Also, I have reuploaded the doujinshi itself, for those that might have missed it last time. If you would like that, please specify in your comment. The doujinshi in question is THIS ONE here. But please comment to this post for the download, not there.

Sound good?

Oh, and one more thing: By request of [livejournal.com profile] apricotsushi , she would like to say that she is taking translation commissions! Please contact her for details! :D

And do thank her for the wonderful translation. <3 She's amazing.

A Hurr Hurr

Apr. 9th, 2011 08:50 pm
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I drew this monstrosity for a friend and decided it would be fun to burn everyone's eyeballs here, too.  
Enjoyyyyy! xD

Crack Shipping Fanart )
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Here are more artsy/atmospheric screencaps I made and must share!

I've also decided to do a Tutu doujinshi and have finally written my plot! Yayay! Gonna solidify it now and am busy making sketches. :9

In the meantime, SCREENIES!!! )
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I was researching outfits in the series for a new pic (non-crack this time lol). I hadn't seen most of Princess Tutu since I first saw it some 5 years ago, so I ended up watching a couple episodes last night in nostalgia and skipped around others looking for nice scenes. I looove the art style HOMG. *total artgasm over here*  Some imagery is SO PRETTY, even if nothing is actually happening in that scene.  I don't know if there is some great, complete screencap Tutu gallery out there somewhere, but I figured I would share some artsy caps I took that I enjoyed. I tried to make them small enough so they won't take forever to load but big enough to see. ^^

Screenies! )
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I've had nuuuuuuuuuumerous requests to reupload this doujinshi, so... I have done so!

And I'm going to go ahead and be lazy and copy-paste from the last time: 

Hello, hello~! I come bearing another doujinshi to share! And this one is one of my all-time favorites! :D I hope you will enjoy it, as well!

THAT SAID. Let's get right down to it, shall we?

1. ALL comments to this entry are screened. That is because I am not openly putting the download link on the entry itself, but rather, I will reply to the comments by giving them the download link. Thus, comment to this entry and request the download link. That's the only way I will be giving it out. (I'll also be sending a second comment to let you know it's been sent, so you can tell me if you didn't get it.) This is, again, mostly due to someone who decided to upload scans on their own site.

2. This doujinshi completely and wholly safe and cute.  PG, if it needs a rating, I suppose.

3. Pairings are included, though it's not completely focused on them (I would say a good deal of it is, though). And those pairings in question are: Fakir/Ahiru and Mytho/Rue

4. Feedback would be helpful, if you'd be willing to offer any before/after downloading it! It's kind of a pain to completely ruin these books and scan them, so I like to know the fans find it worth it to do so? XD;

5. Another reason the download links are given individually and through screened comments is so I can keep track of how many times the file is being downloaded. DO NOT GO AND GIVE THE LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS OR POST/UPLOAD IT ELSEWHERE. This material is NOT to be re-uploaded or shared at your discretion. Please follow this if you wish for me to continue sharing doujinshi.

6. I can't translate anything, so this is RAW. I do not have a translator for this, currently. And if anyone would perhaps be interested in translating Princess Tutu doujinshi (this or others), feel free to check my LJ contact info or mention here if you're interested and perhaps we can work something out.

7. Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marginoferror  for his special assistance in translating the title of the doujinshi for me! (Since I couldn't read it and therefore had no way of knowing what to name the file besides something lame like 'untitled doujinshi'. XD;) He noted that the title translation is not 100% correct, since apparently part of it is a made up word. But out of the general translations that he gave me for "Tsukiyo no Yasoukai" as a whole, the one probably closest (since it fits the theme of the dojinshi) would roughly be: "Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night".

Cover art and details under this cut )


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