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Hello, everyone! My friend made an AMV for Fakir. She chose a Chinese Song as the music called Don Quixote, sung by F.I.R.
Her AMV impressed me so much that I decided to translate the lyrcis to English. I also handed it to my professor to see whether the words were precise.

Please remember to open the annotation at the bottom of video and you could read the English lyrics while watching the AMV.

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I made some more icons! Some are the result of trying out my new editing platform, and some are inspired by the music of Lady Gaga and Adele. All use my own screencaps. Enjoy!

You can find them HERE at my journal.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Hi, everyone!  I'm selling a bunch of Princess Tutu doujinshi on ebay right now if you'd like to take a look.  I've set the prices to less than what I paid for them so you should get a good deal.

The stories are pre-series, post-series, during series, an au, and just a whole hodgepodge of goodies.  Mostly Fakiru but you do see some Mytho/Rue in some as well.


Also, does everyone realize this year is Princess Tutu's 10th Anniversary???  How exciting is that?
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And now begins the second day of Ruetho Week! We continue with the prompt is "Gold."

Please make your submissions to the deviantART Ruetho Week group, the Ruetho Tumblr, or provide a link for people to see in this entry!
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Ruetho Week has officially begun! 

(Art courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] usedtotime!)

This week opens with the prompt "Stage." Please make your submissions to the deviantART Ruetho Week group, the Ruetho Tumblr, or provide a link for people to see in this entry! Do your best! We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with~

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Hello, again, Princess Tutu community! As the time draws nearer, I wanted to drop in another reminder about Ruetho Week~

Wonderful art created by [livejournal.com profile] usedtotime <3

Here are the basics about what will be a wonderful celebration of Princess Tutu's royal couple, Mytho and Rue:

- A list of prompts has been created, one for each day of the week from January 29th to February 4th

- Submissions for each day/prompt can be posted at the deviantART group, on the Ruetho Tumblr, and on the posts that will be created in this community, so submit wherever you like! 

- For more details and the prompts, see the Ruetho Week deviantART page here.

We hope lots of you will participate~

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I love this community so much~
Here's a fanart I did for my favorite pairing Rue and Mytho. I was going to save it for the Rue Mytho week coming up but it didn't match really match any of the prompts. anyway I hope you guys like it.

Here is a link to my DA this is all I have up right now but I hope to make more posts soon.
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I'm ordering some costumes for Sakura Con, Prince Siegfried!Mytho, Raven Prince!Mytho and Princess Tutu. Unfortunately, the team making the costumes need better pictures of Raven Prince!Mytho than I have, and I'm this close to just drawing my own. Before I do that, do any of you have pictures (screenshots, official pictures, fanart etc.) I can use for costume design?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

EDIT: THANKS YOU GUYS. The team making the costumes says they've got some good pictures now. Thank you again!
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A Princess Tutu music video set to the music from Bethesda's new video game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This was a fun project that didn't take very long at all. The track is "Dragonborn," and-- if you are familiar with the game at all-- it features in the trailer as well as whenever a dragon appears to your character and is in need of slaying.

I'd like to thank dark_puck who gave me the Raven-battle idea components that make up this video.

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I haven't posted in a while, and while I've been crazy busy lately I've also been working on a fanart for the January contest over at Club-Tutu on dA. This month's theme is "anime/manga crossover", where you can draw the PT cast as characters from another series, or draw the PT characters in the style of another anime/manga artist.

I've been looking forward to a contest like this because I love drawing fanart in a different manga style. Previously I've done CLAMP before, but I haven't done a CLAMP-styled fanart with Rue and Mytho yet, and these two are just so perfect for the dark atmosphere you find in the second half of Tsubasa. I also wanted to do a Tsubasa style fanart with Ahiru and Fakir and maybe something else with them in a different manga style as well, but I'm leaving for vacation in two days and I just won't be able to finish on time. D: Maybe if and when I do get it done after the contest I'll post it here as well. But for now I hope you will enjoy this fanart. ^_^

TRC style Rue and Mytho by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART
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I was playing around with this project in the summer, but had to abandon it once school started.  For the most part, I'd all but forgotten until I browsed through my files and saw it again.  So, I worked on it some more, then had to abandon the last minute of it because of finals.  Then I had to pinch hit for someone on [livejournal.com profile] atlasecretsanta, and the giftee in question was a fan of Princess Tutu, so I completed the video as a gift to them.  The video is gen-- not really any sort of tribute to any specific pairing (except for the pas de deux's already present on the show).  Also, I should note that this entire project was to.. test the effects I could use in Sony Vegas.  Some of them are cool, I think, some of them are not.  There is one particular effect that went horribly wrong in the rendering/publishing process (which you'll see in the Giselle bits), and I was too pressed for time to change it.  

So, anyway, I know that this comm didn't hold a secret santa of their own this year, so I hope everyone can enjoy this video as a Christmas present from me to my fellow fans. ^_^  Enjoy~

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Here is my fourth set of icons! I used my own screencaps once again, this time from episodes 21-24. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT AND COMMENT IF YOU SNAG ANY! Enjoy!

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Autor, Bookmen, Edel, Drosselmeyer)
Part 2 (Mytho, Neko-sensei, Raven, Rue/Kraehe, Uzura)
Part 3 (Groups and Pairings)

null null null null
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Hello, hello, Princess Tutu community~ I bring you very important news, pertaining to the Prince and Princess of our favorite fairytale! 

Ruetho Week will be held from January 29th to February 4th! It's a celebration of all things related to Rue and Mytho, with all kinds of fanworks accepted~ Fanart, fanfiction... sculpture or embroidery... Whatever strikes your fancy, focusing on the Ruetho pairing and using the following prompts (one for each day): 

Jan. 29th: Stage
Jan. 30th: Gold
Jan. 31st: Weaponry
Feb. 1st: Satin
Feb. 2nd: Regal
Feb. 3rd: Grim
Feb. 4th: Desire

More information can be found on the deviantART page, but here are the basics: 

- It is not mandatory to complete all of the prompts. Do as many as you feel inspired to do, whether it be one or all of them!

- Submissions outside of deviantArt will be allowed; works may also be submitted to Livejournal (each day will have an entry on the Princess Tutu Community when the time comes) or on Tumblr at the Ruetho Blog! When submitting on Tumblr, please be sure to tag all posts "ruetho week." The Ruetho tumblr can be found here!

- All fanworks should be created for this event, but again, you can make whatever kind of work you want, and you have complete freedom to interpret the prompts as you like!

- Nothing for this event should be posted before the day of the prompt, but late submissions are more than welcome! Just be sure to put them in the appropriate entry/folder~

So, let's have some fun and show some love for Ruetho! There should be a lot of great fanwork coming! <3

Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask~

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Welcome Back
Pairing: Fakir/Ahiru
Summary: It's the first time she's separated from him for the entire winter, but she'll return soon.
Word Count: 1,200
Rating: K+

Magic Kiss
Pairing: Fakir/Rue
Summary: While visiting the fairytale kingdom, Fakir falls ill. 
Word Count: 600
Rating: K+

Princess Tutu/Perfect Blue drabble
Character: Ahiru
Word Count: 300
Rating: T

Between the Cracks
Pairing: Fakir/Ahiru
Summary: Small moments and scenes during the series that took place away from our eyes, all pertaining to two certain characters.
Rating: K+

And earlier today I went on a cropping spree and made several icons out of various fanart, most from pixiv. There are 27 in all~ 

The rest are here @ [livejournal.com profile] chemicalsting

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Oh, wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

First, an apology... I put up a post asking for requests early in the summer (like... June, ohgosh), and... my writing muses continued being uncooperative, I guess. A few of them are done, and I would still like to do them, if people want. I have the list, and things seem to have been smoother lately. However, I'm very sorry for the awful delay!

I guess the most important thing is that my slump seems to have come to an end, for now. So, of those requests, I have:

[livejournal.com profile] mangaka_chan's prompt: "Fakir and Ahiru are having a baby but the question arises: since Ahiru was a bird, does that mean she'll lay an egg? Fluff and crack plot line ahoy!" It's here at ff.net.

And [livejournal.com profile] serika_san's prompt: "Mytho nursing a sick Rue back to health, even though she insists that she's fine and doesn't need to be babied." Also here on ff.net.

And some other stuff, as well~

A few updates to a collection of Rue/Mytho drabbles, here on ff.net.

Also, some new ones!
Title: Impromptu
Rating: K
Pairing/Subject: Mytho/Rue, fluff
Summary: A day at the festival cannot be completed without dancing, of course.

Here on ff.net.

Title: New Favorites
Rating: M
Pairing/Subject: Mytho/Rue, fairly mild smut. About as fluffy as smut can get, I guess, but be warned.
Summary: It's always a thrill to learn the steps to a new dance, after all.

Here on ff.net.

And a few AMVs below the cut~ )


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