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Apparently there's going to be an official PT 10th Anniversary Festival in Tokyo on August 16th. XD

The event will (I think, this is based on Google Translate's version of the event website) feature director Junichi Sato, character designer Ikuko Itoh, Ahiru's seiyu Nanae Katou, Mytho's seiyu Naoki Yanagi, and others I'm hoping Takahiro Sakurai will be able to attend, but he's pretty busy lately so who knows. There will be behind-the-scenes stories about the production of Princess Tutu as well as a Q&A session. I think the anime will also be rerun on this date on different TV stations in Japan but the event itself will require a ticket.

The official event website is HERE and you can also find news about the event by following Junichi Sato's twitter account under the hashtag #ptutu. And if you are lucky enough to be in Japan you can purchase the ticket for attending the event here.
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In 4 hours, I'll be leaving to go to a comic convention and will be there for 2 days.  This is the first time I'll be in an artist alley with a table all by myself (my sister is all the way across the room!!).  I'll probably have some downtime where I'll be bored, SOOOOOOoooooooo...

Do any of you have any Princess Tutu art requests?  They'll just be sketches, but it'll be something to occupy any downtime I might have.
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Hey guys! I know someone posted a video of this performance on here a while back, shortly after it surfaced online. HOWEVER! Recent footage came out from the official WCS people, and it gives a lot more detailed view of the cosplays, and adds a certain something to the performance. The skit's audio track has been dubbed over top, so there is no audience reaction.


And for those of you who are interested, we also have some decent photos taken during the performance!

Under the cut, to save your friends list )
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I should have put these in the last post, but only just thought of it....

Anyways: A journal entry from something I observed at the County Fair a few weeks ago, a duckling, of course: Fair Week, cont'd )

....and from April, my impressions from a real live performance of Swan Lake:Swan Lake )

If you can't tell, I see more ducklings sliding down sliding boards at County Fairs than I see ballet. Enjoy.
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Okay, a follow-up from the last question. How many here who are going to Anime Banzai in October would be interested in a Tutu photoshoot? Note, this idea is very tentative, as I'm still trying to work out some obstacles in getting myself to the con. (Plus, I would need to make a Tutu-related costume.) But if there's enough interest and enough people planning to come as Tutu characters, I will definitely see what might be able to be done!
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This was made by [livejournal.com profile] kitsunebaba . She won Judges Choice at Manifest for it.

It's good yes?
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Hee hee hee...

That's actually one of my parts in AMV Salad 4, which is happening Saturday night at Otakon at 10 during the fan parodies. I've got a couple other PT things in it too like a re-edit shortened version of my Rubber Ducky and Geico things.  There's PT in this too, though it's not the focus so I'm not gonna embed.

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Is anyone going to be cosplaying at Anime Expo this year? I'll be there on the 2nd and 3rd. I'm not really a cosplayer, but I will possibly be dressed in Fakir's casual outfit with the ripped blue shirt cheapest and easiest option FTW. I didn't see a Tutu gathering listed on the
AX 2010 Gathering List at Cosplay.com's forum. I was wondering if we might have enough people for a cosplay gathering at AX this year.

This is pretty last minute but my attendance is pretty last minute ^_^;;
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Hey, folks!

Just a little something of lulz and possible interest to you guys that I found on YouTube while browsing today. It's a Tutu skit from Supernova 2009, which I thought was really clever and really cute. XD

Seems the person taping missed the last part of it, but the girl who cosplayed Tutu in this uploaded the backing skit (the thing with Fakir) in full and you can find that here.
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Oh look, Tomoyo is actually posting her Fanime con PT photos sometime before next year's con! (I'm serious, that's what happened for my Fanime 2008-09 photos 9_9;; ) A handful of them are shown on the page, others are by text link. If you'd like the original size resolution of a photo, let me know! =D

But advance warning, I like writing smartass little blurbs on my photo posts too much, so you'll find some random commentary by yours truly tagging along with all of 'em that the other people in the photos cannot be held responsible for. Humor me, humor me. XP

So...Are You Ready for This? 8D

Princess Tutu @ Fanime 2010! Image heavy! )

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed it. ^^
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Hello fellow Tutu fans!

FanimeCon in San Jose, CA, has been attracting quite a large amount of Princess Tutu cosplayers, including many who are in this community. Last year's gathering was a huge success! ACP has a pretty big collection of PTT photos from last year here: http://www.acparadise.com/acp/cons.php?cyid=1987&t=4&s=361s#pics

This years gathering is scheduled for Saturday, May 29 at 10:30 am. It will be held right in front of the convention center by the fountains, on the Hilton side. We want to encourage everyone to come and visit, even if they are not cosplaying.

There is also a Facebook event page for the gathering. This will be an easy place to post picture links and other info after the event, as well as keep in touch with other cosplayers you may have met. You can find it here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113324152031778

Anyone else going to Fanime?


May. 19th, 2010 11:39 am
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I hope this is allowable, and not spam of any flavor whatsoever, but:

If anyone following this community sees this and also goes to Fanime...

and notices STFU Studios (no, I don't want to work out what that stands for, I think) in the Artists Alley...

and one of the people minding the store answers to Starherd...

feel free to tell her that Moon Shadow Magic (the sister, as distinct from the sister's horse of the same name) says "Hi."

I have too many bills to go say "Hi" in person. Maybe someday.

There is no discount involved, just goodwill. And since you're out there, you'll already be enjoying yourself, but Thank You and have a great time anyway!

San Japan?

May. 9th, 2010 01:07 pm
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I have no idea whether this is allowed or not, but MGSEKJ.

So... in July I'll be heading to San Japan :3 in San Antonio to cosplay Rue. My cousins were going to come as Fakir and Ahiru but they backed out, jerks.

I have a question, and it is this: who, if anyone, is going to San Japan? I'm just... curious. OUTREAAACH!
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Hi guys! I've been part of this community for a while, but I never posted anything...
I blame this on the fact that I'm shy... Bordering on anti-social. >_<

Anyhow! I came on, not only to introduce myself and make myself feel awkward, but to present a gift  in hopes of winning you over.

I recently got back from an anime convention where Luci Christian and Chris Patton were guests. Surprisingly enough, there was a Princess Tutu panel! And it was actually a pretty packed panel! :D
I asked the two actors to improvise a scene where Ahiru and Fakir confess their feelings for each other and THEY DID. It was quite humorous. So here you go. :3

Um... So yeah. Let me know if I'm breaking any rules here by posting this. >_>;;
And... Nice to meet you all! :D
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Hey guys! I'm in Seattle right now for Sakuracon, and tomorrow I'm attending a press conference with Luci Christian (English voice actress of Duck/Ahiru/Princess Tutu). This isn't a Q&A panel you typically see at cons, but small, industry-only conference. So! I was wondering if there was anything you guys wanted me to ask her? I'm pretty much going to just be taking notes tomorrow, but my partner needs some questions to ask her. Questions involving her role in Princess Tutu would also be relevant~


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