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I know one of the members here posted the PT characters made up in Doll Divine's Princess Maker last year, but since the website released their Tudors Maker... I decided to jump on the bandwagon and created some PT characters a few months ago.

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Here is my fourth set of icons! I used my own screencaps once again, this time from episodes 21-24. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT AND COMMENT IF YOU SNAG ANY! Enjoy!

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Autor, Bookmen, Edel, Drosselmeyer)
Part 2 (Mytho, Neko-sensei, Raven, Rue/Kraehe, Uzura)
Part 3 (Groups and Pairings)

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My Youtube account was deleted a couple of months ago so I'm just reposting some old PT amvs that I reuploaded :)

The Writer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuovDLxJO8E&feature=channel_video_title
Carol of the Bells: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFzZUOO4P9o&feature=relmfu
Insanity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MVZH7H8aKw&feature=relmfu
Stranger than Tutu trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCaMYJvQIo4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Plus I have uploaded some new amvs in the meantime ^w^ so enjoy ~

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] moonshadowmagic at Entry for the dA September Club Tutu contest
The contest version was done very early Sunday morning and posted Monday (always a story in itself!) I did a little more work on it this afternoon, and decided to post v.2.0 here. The theme was "Elements." Enjoy.

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Puns: For better and worse.
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Um, Hi everyone! I'm Katchan00, or just Kat/Katy. Some of you might know me from deviantArt already.
I just got into Princess Tutu recently, and this is my first post on the community here after various people told me to join.

Without further ado, Fakiru Week 2011 day 1: Blue!
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Also! I'm under orders from mildmilotic to pimp my ongoing Fakiru-centric snippit fic, Glimpses and my other PT art!
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Did this today although I'm really worn out and tired
...or because of it I drew it? XD My mind is strange

I had the idea for this for a while

Does anybody of you know the manga "Switch Girl"?

It's about a girl that's very popular in school but totally different at home


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I was so surprised this hasn't been done yet, it's so obvious XD Well at least I had fun making it. A lot of fun.
For those of you who don't know this is a trailer parody of Stranger than Fiction.


Crack #11

Jun. 30th, 2011 11:14 pm
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After I saw one episode of Princess Tutu for the first time, I could have sworn that Fakir had a heart shard (am I the only one?).  Below is an exaggerated account of what I imagined was going to happen.

(it's just lines from some... gel pen ... THING.  If anyone wants to color any of the pictures, feel free!  ^_^)
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Sooooooooo, I was thinking how Charon is a pretty good-looking fellow, hard-working, seemed like a nice guy, and even had a romantic admirer. Why was he a bachelor throughout the entire series, even in the flashbacks? Well, it can't be easy to live a normal life with Fakir and Mytho as your adopted sons...

These are just crack snippets of poor Charon's failed attempts wooing women, as Mytho and Fakir scare off all his dates with their weird problems.

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I made over 200 Princess Tutu icons (in 4 parts)! Using my own screencaps! Taken from episodes 7-15 (for some reason I skipped 1-6, but I will go back and get those next). As per usual, there are various degrees of crack in these icons, and some pop culture references, but make of that what you will. :3 CREDIT IS NICE, BUT NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY.

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Part 1 (Ahiru/Tutu, Drosselmeyer, Edel, Fakir, and Lilie)
Part 2 (Mytho)
Part 3 (Neko-sensei, Pique, and the first bit of Rue/Kraehe)
Part 4 (more Rue/Kraehe, The Evil Necklace, Malen, and groups/pairings)

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 So way back in January it was my best friend [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_regina 's birthday, and since she's awesome and I lack monies, I always make her birthday gifts. 

This year's fave fandom was Princess Tutu, therefore I drew her a doujinshi again (some of you may have seen the avatar doujinshi I made her a few years back).

With school I kinda forgot about it, but I asked her if I could share and she said to knock myself out.

Download link: www.megaupload.com/

Please let me know which section you like best; mine's the one I got the preview image from. Also Drosselmeyer is surprisingly easy to draw.
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[livejournal.com profile] swanreaper and I were talking about how the pics of Neko-Sensei/Fakir shipping should be hung in the Smithsonian, right next to the Colbert image by the bathrooms.
Swanreaper: "...then Fakir can get there quickly if he breaks free of this artistic medium, too. He seems to need it. xD"

I HAD TO DRAW THIS. With Mytho, the only one who would be in the male bathrooms with Fakir to hold his hair back.

Ok, I'm gonna stop now, I swear. xD

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A Hurr Hurr

Apr. 9th, 2011 08:50 pm
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I drew this monstrosity for a friend and decided it would be fun to burn everyone's eyeballs here, too.  
Enjoyyyyy! xD

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I was really bored the other night when I was supposed to be doing a reasearch paper, and whoop this was born.
It seemed a lot funnier at midnight, admittedly |D;;

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(Oh, and Happy April Fools Day 8D)
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So another person on my F-List made several of these for another fandom and pointed me toward the Princess Maker. It has less options than the Sailor Senshi maker, but of course I made several of our favorite Princess Tutu characters with it, anyway. Plus, Ahiru could easily be a Disney Princess.

I mean, look at this:

After that, I couldn't stop. @___@
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 Today was kind of rough and I needed some sketch therapy.
But oh man... I don't know if I can do this crack anymore.  I swear this is the last one for a while.  It's time to do actual serious stuff (like doujinshi).  xD

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Yay more crack!! xD

This time there are TWO comics! Drawn in a rush, I didn't even bother to erase my guidelines, but I still think they're crazy enough to share. xD

1. The first one was inspired by a question from [livejournal.com profile] aorphiusrex asking what some of my artistic influences have been. Some of my earliest influences were American action comics, so I imagined what Princess Tutu would have been like if she was set in some of the comics I used to read. A lot of them featured "Anti-Heroes": heroes who went around breaking the law and doing what they wanted, but still saving the day in the wake of their destruction. I read WAY too much crazy violence than a 14-year old girl should ever be exposed to (and another piece of the puzzle falls into place).

2. The second one is some of my double-take observations while watching the dub today after watching the Japanese version for so long. Haha! I love the dub, but there are quite a few differences... some make me laugh.

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This is what trapped at an artist alley table at a comic con + 48 hours sleep deprivation + Princess Tutu looks like.

I wasn't able to finish all the fanart requests from the other day, but here's what I made!  (sorry for any inaccuracies in the characters as there was NO way I could check online for any refs all weekend.  xD;; )

I was sooo paranoid the woman sitting at the table next to me thought I was drawing porn for the first one... xD;; 

The arts:
1.  Ahiru x Fakir  (I was watching the dub right before I left, soooo I called her "Duck" in this crack comic)
2.  Fakir loves KFC
3.  Rue and Mytho wedding

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Oh god, the crack just won't stop!!  IT COMPELS ME TO DRAW!!

Anyway, I drew this crack because:  

1.  I was genuinely angry at Tutu and Mytho for not even looking to see if Fakir was ok after the great Dance-off of season One.  He risked his life to save you people and there wasn't even a, "Hey, where's Fakir?  Shouldn't his dead body be here after the lake disappeared?"

2.  I always wondered how Edel saved Fakir in detail at the end of Season One.  So... my imagination filled in the gaps.  And you know how my imagination is.  xD;;;



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