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83 icons of Mytho in the episode The Duck and the Prince.


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  136 x Princess Tutu (eps 13-19)

pt3 84 pt3 43 pt3 17

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Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: The Treachery of Images
Author: [personal profile] veleda_k
Wordcount: 1,180
Rating: PG
Characters: Paulamoni, Edel, Autor, Monster Raven, Drosselmeyer
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2013 for [personal profile] octopedingenue.
Summary: In Gold Crown Town, the line between what is and what should be is faded and blurred, and can be traversed.

Click here to read
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 171 x Princess Tutu (eps 1-7 + PV)

pt 21 pt 77 pt 130

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Hellsing (OVA I)
[42] Icons

Princess Tutu
[11] Icons

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 Hi, sorry my first post here has to be such bad news, but I really think it's something that everyone need to be aware of.

It seems that someone is trying to sell a *completely different person's fic* on Amazon.com, complete with *stolen fanart*.


You can see it here.

Please, please, please, do anything you think you can do to stop this.  Others in the PT fan community are already taking action, but any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, everyone! My friend made an AMV for Fakir. She chose a Chinese Song as the music called Don Quixote, sung by F.I.R.
Her AMV impressed me so much that I decided to translate the lyrcis to English. I also handed it to my professor to see whether the words were precise.

Please remember to open the annotation at the bottom of video and you could read the English lyrics while watching the AMV.

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Heyo~ I was wondering if this community and the DA one are going to do a secret santa exchange again this year? I'd love to be a participant but since I don't use LJ that often I've usually missed the sign up periods. TTwTT I've checked a lot of the posts in the last month but I haven't seen anything about it?
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(Excerpt from my journal entry Friday 9/28) ....the dA Club_Tutu September contest is one I really couldn't pass up, so I managed to post an entry, possibly in hindsight by doing something unethical at the library (downloading the picture from my email onto their desktop.) And I totally forgot the link, but it's at Club_Tutu at deviantArt.com. I use the same name there as here.

Mr. Cat. Really. And for whatever reason, I actually could get on dA from the local library! Maybe the hint was dropped that a naughty name isn't everything.
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I know it's not technically Sep. 24th on this side of the world yet, but I'm predicting a busy day at work tomorrow, so I'm going to jump the gun very so slightly and share my entry for this year's Fakiru-Week today. XD;;

Red by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART
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Hello PT Comm! Just wanted give everyone a reminder that Fakiru Week is now less than a month away! It will run from September 24th to the 30th, each prompt has already been posted on the main page and you can catch up on the rules if you'd like.

This year's Fakiru Week will also be special for another reason: members of the Japanese fandom overseas will be participating along with us! There have already been a few pieces uploaded to Pixiv to advertise, like this one! 


And there is also a Pixiv Fakiru Page made by the user cckh, who originally contacted us about the Japanese Fandom also participating. So this is going to be like a fandom gathering of all corners of the world! We can all come together and celebrate the series and this pairing, whether we all speak the same language or not. To me, that is pretty amazing. 

So we hope you come and check out the pages! And we look forward to seeing everyone and their entries! 
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And my fan work spamming continues. XD;;

Title: An Uncommon Witness
Rating: T
Warning: discussions and imagery of violence
Summary: (1920's AU) Duck lived a quiet life until she witnessed a mob murder. Now caught up in a tale involving a persistent detective, a dangerous mobster, and a beautiful actress, will she ever return to her quiet life again? Or will the mob catch up to her first?

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Chapter of the Bird: Beauty and the Beast by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART

This is a fanart I did of [livejournal.com profile] tomoyoichijouji's Princess Tutu fanfic, "Chapter of the Bird". I drew the fanart in the style of the Japanese DVD covers, and the ballet depicted is (my interpretation of) Beauty and the Beast, with Tomoyo's OCs Sagi as Belle and Caras as the Beast. :) I wanted to draw this fanart because I really love these two original characters, how well they fit into the world of PT, and I think Tomoyo does a great job portraying them. ^_^

The fanfic itself hasn't been updated in a while, but Tomoyo and I are actively working on it and she's almost done with the next chapter. So if you're interested, you can read it HERE.
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Real life has been a bit hectic for me lately, but I did manage to get some time to do some fanart. Club Tutu on dA is having the theme of the Jazz Age for the month of August. I've been wanting to draw some more fanart for my PT fanfic, "An Uncommon Witness", so I took the opportunity to do both. :D

Rhapsody in Blue by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART

The description for the piece is the same as on dA, but basically this picture is partly inspired by a scene from chapter 5 of AUW. The phonograph pictured is a Victrola, made by the Victor Talking Machine Company. The two rows of music are the opening portion of the famous clarinet solo in Rhapsody in Blue, written by George Gershwin in 1924. Most people might know it from Disney's Fantasia, and it's my favorite piece of music from that era.
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Title: Interim (fourth part!)
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Rue/Mytho
Rating: PG-13 (but not until later parts)
Chapter: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Summary: Some stories cannot ever be finished; some changes take patience, care, and time. Rue begins to heal.

Chapter Four: They will be married the day after tomorrow.

It's also up at A03, if you'd like to read it there instead! This is the final part; the last three are linked up above as well. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks so much for reading!
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Oh...I missed you. I missed you I missed you ImissedyouImissedyouImissedyou.

Princess Tutu, I have missed you so much! And I come bearing a new fanfiction. Please pardon the huge absence. And NO, I have not forgotten about Curse of the Dragon if anyone is still reading that at all! XD

Here's a warm-up fiction to get me back in the grove. Thanks for all the patience, everyone.

Title: Turning the Page
Rating: K+
Pairings: Mytho/Rue, Fakir/Ahiru, a little pinch of one-sided Autor/Rue
Summary: The reasons why they were pulled back into Kinkan from within the story were left unanswered. But, just for now, this was enough. Just a small, simple reunion.
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When, exactly, do the events of “Princess Tutu” take place? Depending on which fanfic you read or which fanart you view, it could be anywhere between the turn of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st.

However, I believe that there are enough clues, both shown and implied, that the likely general timeframe of “Princess Tutu” can be extrapolated to a single 25-year period.

Number crunching, refusal to disassociate reality from fiction, doubling back on scholarly paths, and boatloads of overthinking ahead!

Long essay is loooooong~ )

For those of you who managed to get through all that, I commend you.  Thanks for reading!
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I made some more icons! Some are the result of trying out my new editing platform, and some are inspired by the music of Lady Gaga and Adele. All use my own screencaps. Enjoy!

You can find them HERE at my journal.

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