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Heyo~ I was wondering if this community and the DA one are going to do a secret santa exchange again this year? I'd love to be a participant but since I don't use LJ that often I've usually missed the sign up periods. TTwTT I've checked a lot of the posts in the last month but I haven't seen anything about it?
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When, exactly, do the events of “Princess Tutu” take place? Depending on which fanfic you read or which fanart you view, it could be anywhere between the turn of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st.

However, I believe that there are enough clues, both shown and implied, that the likely general timeframe of “Princess Tutu” can be extrapolated to a single 25-year period.

Number crunching, refusal to disassociate reality from fiction, doubling back on scholarly paths, and boatloads of overthinking ahead!

Long essay is loooooong~ )

For those of you who managed to get through all that, I commend you.  Thanks for reading!

Marry me!!!

Jul. 6th, 2012 01:16 pm
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Recently I've been reading Ranma 1/2 Vol. 12 there's a plot line featuring a giant cat that lives in a bell. His goal in life/obsession is to find a human girl to marry and he proposes marriage to every girl he meets. He also says thing like, "My bride!"; "Then, if I defeat must marry me!"; and "A new bride!" whenever he meets a new girl.

I wonder if the creators of Princess Tutu are Ranma fans, or if everyone just thinks that the idea of a cat being obsessed with marriage is hilarious.
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According to the ads I've been seeing online, a show largely about ballerinas, Bunheads, will start on ABC Family tonight! And possibly, for anyone like me who doesn't have cable/satellite, the episodes may also be posted on their website. There's some clips, at least.

Just thought I'd pass the news along, since ballet is such an integral part of Tutu. :) I'm rather intrigued by the sound of this series. I hope it turns out to be good.

(I'm not entirely sure how to tag this....)
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I totally hope that questions of this sort are allowed on this comm and that the moderators won't crucify me for asking stupid things, but here goes:

Can you recommend me some well-written and thoughtful essays on Princess Tutu?

I'm sure there were some clever posts on this topic in the past, but I don't see "essay" or "analysis" as tags, so I hope you guys can refer me to some useful links.

Detailed begging under the cut. )
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So frustrating, wanting to respond to someone else's post (in this case a friending meme) and not being able to do so. I get an insertion cursor over the "post" button, not an arrow, and it won't work. Need $$ for a newer computer....

So, I put it here. It's not as much fun as a properly- placed one, but:

Princess Tutu Friending Meme )

MEP anyone?

May. 7th, 2012 08:55 pm
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I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in an MEP for the anniversary? A few years ago the scorpions released a CD on which they play with the berlin philharmonia orchestra

there are also two awesome instrumental pieces on it (which can actually be put together)

I wanted to make a PT amv with these for a while but I really got scarred off by the length of the songs (it's about 13 min together)

so yeah would anyone be interested? This isn't about being good at editing but more for fun and also to celebrate the anniversary

Come on, the music is awesome, right?
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Hello again! It had actually occurred to me a few days ago that we haven't had a Friending Meme in a little over a year, and since more people are becoming Princess Tutu fans every day, I thought we could post around and make new friends~!

✿ Fill out the form with your answers and post in a comment.
✿ Look around and find new people, or members that you've always wanted to talk to.
✿ Make friends and have fun! Maybe get into some discussions! 
✿ Here is the definition of headcanon and fanon for anyone who isn't sure.

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Hey PT fans! It's been mentioned a few times already, but this August marks the tenth year since Princess Tutu first aired. 
I'm not sure if anyone has made specific plans for it on any other sites, but I thought I would share a quick idea I had.

Would anyone be interested in having a mass PT comm rewatch of the series? Maybe with someone using a livestream account or something like that? I'm thinking that it won't be all at once--maybe just an episode or two at a time, and scheduled over a few weeks to make things more flexible for everyone participating. 

And during/after every rewatch there can be a new discussion post in the comm where we can all share our thoughts of it--characters, plots, maybe our original thoughts to the show in comparison to how we feel about it now when we watch it with friends--anything goes. Just some good old fashioned fun and activity for the comm. 

Would anyone be interested?
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Earlier this year, there were news articles about a giant crow population in Rochester, NY, particularly at one of the old churches. Apparently thousands of crows like to roost in the old trees by the church and even though the birds themselves are interesting...the giant mess they make is not. Later on, the city ended up cutting down the old trees and tried to break the crows up into smaller groups using noisemakers.

I'll admit, while I read the news I started thinking, "What on earth are the raven king and his groupies doing there?" Hopefully it's not Drosselmeyer writing another story!
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Re-watching some episodes of Season 2 lately and thinking about fairy tale allusions within the show, I started speculating on whether Uzura could be a reference to Pinnocchio. She's wood, literally made out of a puppet, and shows some surprise when she learns that she's not a "real" person (I can't remember what number the episode is, but I believe it takes place when Uzura is talking to Edel in Drosselmeyer's clockwork world). Thoughts?
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I've been meaning to post about this for days. Has anyone heard about ABC's series Once Upon a Time, which premieres tomorrow? When reading about it a few days ago, I definitely thought some things sounded similar to Princess Tutu. Here's a link to information, but beware of spoilers if you don't want them! I'm intrigued to see if the show's any good.
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Hey everyone! I have one new inquiry and one old discussion topic that I never got around to posting, so get ready for a double whammy!

1) I was watching the prelude to Episode 21, and for the first time, I really paid attention to the fact that the 'Once Upon a Time" story included the fact that Drosselmeyer wrote stories for "The King, the Nobility, and all the Kingdom's rich" before they started fearing him. This isn't that unusual, and this has NOOOO solid basis in canon, and is more of a discussion point, but I started wondering if the Prince Siegfried in the Prince and the Raven was the son of the King who used to go to Drosselmeyer for stories, and whether putting the Prince in the story was Drosselmeyer's way of getting back at the kingdom who had scorned him. Like I said, no canon basis, but a fun thought, right?

2) This is music related. I was playing a game named Catherine and there was a stage playing THIS SONG (no worries, no spoilers), and I could have sworn I've heard it in Princess Tutu. Does anyone know when/what episode it might have played in, or alternatively if I'm just MAKING IT ALL UP IN MY HEAD?? Inquiring minds want to know and any help would be much appreciated!
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Let me start off by saying... This is probably just one HUGE mass of coincidences, but it had so much similarity and so much potential to be discussed that I couldn't help but want to share it with you guys!

Also, let me warn for EXTENSIVE MOTHER 3 SPOILERS (if you don't know of the game and never plan to play it, no worries).

Anyway, this started when I was watching a Let's Play of Mother 3 (a Japanese game that was fan-translated but never released in the USA) recently and got to a certain part today that absolutely made my jaw drop and my mind go haywire. Up to that point, I was comparing the game and PT in small ways (as I find myself always looking for potential similarities to PT in things I watch/do), but this just... whoa.

Have an open and mind and want to see what shocked me so much? Follow the cut below.

Princess Tutu and Mother 3 - How are they scarily alike? )
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Ah yes I always keep forgetting about this one

My french teacher in middle school had a few of those cars, that's why I even know the nickname
I'm not interested in cars at all so I guess I wouldn't have found out otherwise 0.o

It's about this car

It's the Citroen 2cv in germany they nicknamed it "Ente"(

But after looking at wiki I wonder if it's anything new since it seemed to have that nickname in other countries, too

Still, I can totally imagine Ahiru falling in love with this kind of car XD
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It's that time again! (no, not tool time! OR IS IT?)
♥This is a thread for discussing/gushing over pairings you like.
♥If you don't see a thread for a pairing you like, make it!
♥If you do see a thread for a pairing you like, jump in and have fun!
♥If you like lots of pairings, reply to lots of threads!
♥Gush, gush, gush. Teal deer are welcome, as is wanton shrieking and flailing.
♥Don't be a jerk! If you see a thread for something you dislike, exercise your scroll muscle.
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 Going to try to kick a bit of writer's block! Just... slam it in the face with both feet, you know? And I've seen this done before, so...

I request PT-prompts for drabbles or relatively longer pieces of flash fiction. I can try pretty much anything~ Fluff or angst or general mayhem. Throw it at me, please!

So, this'll be open until midnight tomorrow. \o/
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(Hi, look, it's someone who hasn't posted in ages and there's probably no one who even remembers me.)

I've often heard people say, when talking about Princess Tutu, "Ignore the title! I know it sounds cheesy, but it's really good!" I've been trying for a while now to think of a more fitting title, just to see if I can come up with something, but I honestly can not come up with anything. Maybe I've just thought of it as Princess Tutu for so long that I can't imagine it being anything else. Maybe I'm just too used to the convention in magical girl of naming the series after the main character. Maybe I'm just really terrible and uncreative at naming things.

So, the question is fairly simple: If you could rename the series, what would you call it? Or would you leave it the way it is?
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I was flip flapping around Tumblr yesterday, and scrolled past something that caught my eye.

Pictures and rambling under the cut )
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I'm taking a general consensus here because the idea crossed my mind a few weeks ago. I'm sure some of you may remember the last AMV contest I hosted, and how it was around this time of year. So, who would be interested in another one this year? I'll have to take a different approach to prizes--- ie, personalized banners--- and I'm thinking a new system of judging. Also, I have a new idea for themes---

1) instrumentals
2) trailers
3) music before the year 2000

So, any ideas? Do you like these themes, if any?  Also, on judging, if anyone who might participate, would you rather a point system by a certain number of judges, like last year, or would you rather a popular vote through LiveJournal, or something?  Any ideas, comments, feedback?  Suggestions?  Criticisms, to the way things went last year?  Comment please! <3

Also, should I decide to host another AMV contest, it start around the beginning-middle of June and end on September 30th, like last year! :D


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