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Heyo~ I was wondering if this community and the DA one are going to do a secret santa exchange again this year? I'd love to be a participant but since I don't use LJ that often I've usually missed the sign up periods. TTwTT I've checked a lot of the posts in the last month but I haven't seen anything about it?
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(Excerpt from my journal entry Friday 9/28) ....the dA Club_Tutu September contest is one I really couldn't pass up, so I managed to post an entry, possibly in hindsight by doing something unethical at the library (downloading the picture from my email onto their desktop.) And I totally forgot the link, but it's at Club_Tutu at I use the same name there as here.

Mr. Cat. Really. And for whatever reason, I actually could get on dA from the local library! Maybe the hint was dropped that a naughty name isn't everything.
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I know it's not technically Sep. 24th on this side of the world yet, but I'm predicting a busy day at work tomorrow, so I'm going to jump the gun very so slightly and share my entry for this year's Fakiru-Week today. XD;;

Red by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART
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Hello PT Comm! Just wanted give everyone a reminder that Fakiru Week is now less than a month away! It will run from September 24th to the 30th, each prompt has already been posted on the main page and you can catch up on the rules if you'd like.

This year's Fakiru Week will also be special for another reason: members of the Japanese fandom overseas will be participating along with us! There have already been a few pieces uploaded to Pixiv to advertise, like this one! 


And there is also a Pixiv Fakiru Page made by the user cckh, who originally contacted us about the Japanese Fandom also participating. So this is going to be like a fandom gathering of all corners of the world! We can all come together and celebrate the series and this pairing, whether we all speak the same language or not. To me, that is pretty amazing. 

So we hope you come and check out the pages! And we look forward to seeing everyone and their entries! 
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Real life has been a bit hectic for me lately, but I did manage to get some time to do some fanart. Club Tutu on dA is having the theme of the Jazz Age for the month of August. I've been wanting to draw some more fanart for my PT fanfic, "An Uncommon Witness", so I took the opportunity to do both. :D

Rhapsody in Blue by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART

The description for the piece is the same as on dA, but basically this picture is partly inspired by a scene from chapter 5 of AUW. The phonograph pictured is a Victrola, made by the Victor Talking Machine Company. The two rows of music are the opening portion of the famous clarinet solo in Rhapsody in Blue, written by George Gershwin in 1924. Most people might know it from Disney's Fantasia, and it's my favorite piece of music from that era.
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Hello Tutu comm! The prompts for the second year of Fakiru Week have been updated on the main deviantArt page, which can be found here

The prompts are as follows:

24 - Red
25 - Silence 
26 - Dreams
27 - Gift
28 - Light
29 - Play
30 - Forever

For newcomers, this is a week where you can contribute any fan related medium--art, fic, AMVs, craft, etc. that are related to the prompts of each day. For more information, you can read up on the rules and guidelines located here. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. You don't have to be a member of dA to participate, and it's all in good fun! Even if you're not up to contributing this year, it's still worth it to check out other's works. 

Hope to see you there!
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Hello, all. Just dropping by to announce a new contest over at Club-Tutu. This should be fun because we're doing video games!

2012 JUN Contest: Video Games
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So frustrating, wanting to respond to someone else's post (in this case a friending meme) and not being able to do so. I get an insertion cursor over the "post" button, not an arrow, and it won't work. Need $$ for a newer computer....

So, I put it here. It's not as much fun as a properly- placed one, but:

Princess Tutu Friending Meme )

MEP anyone?

May. 7th, 2012 08:55 pm
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I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in an MEP for the anniversary? A few years ago the scorpions released a CD on which they play with the berlin philharmonia orchestra

there are also two awesome instrumental pieces on it (which can actually be put together)

I wanted to make a PT amv with these for a while but I really got scarred off by the length of the songs (it's about 13 min together)

so yeah would anyone be interested? This isn't about being good at editing but more for fun and also to celebrate the anniversary

Come on, the music is awesome, right?
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Hello again! It had actually occurred to me a few days ago that we haven't had a Friending Meme in a little over a year, and since more people are becoming Princess Tutu fans every day, I thought we could post around and make new friends~!

✿ Fill out the form with your answers and post in a comment.
✿ Look around and find new people, or members that you've always wanted to talk to.
✿ Make friends and have fun! Maybe get into some discussions! 
✿ Here is the definition of headcanon and fanon for anyone who isn't sure.

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Hey PT fans! It's been mentioned a few times already, but this August marks the tenth year since Princess Tutu first aired. 
I'm not sure if anyone has made specific plans for it on any other sites, but I thought I would share a quick idea I had.

Would anyone be interested in having a mass PT comm rewatch of the series? Maybe with someone using a livestream account or something like that? I'm thinking that it won't be all at once--maybe just an episode or two at a time, and scheduled over a few weeks to make things more flexible for everyone participating. 

And during/after every rewatch there can be a new discussion post in the comm where we can all share our thoughts of it--characters, plots, maybe our original thoughts to the show in comparison to how we feel about it now when we watch it with friends--anything goes. Just some good old fashioned fun and activity for the comm. 

Would anyone be interested?
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Hello, all! I've got an update for you from over at Club-Tutu. We've started our contest for April, and the theme is Greek and Roman mythology. If you're interested, check out the link below.

2012 APR Contest: Greek and Roman Myths
by =Asatira on deviantART
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Hello! I'm just dropping by to let everyone know that the February contest has started over at Club-Tutu. The prompt is the Lunar New Year. To know more, check out the group page.
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Have you always wanted to do a fic/art exchange crossing magical girl barriers?  Well, the spring magical girl exchange is open for sign ups!  You can only be matched up on the fandoms you select, so no need to worry about getting something you don't know.

Come, check it out over here!
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I haven't posted in a while, and while I've been crazy busy lately I've also been working on a fanart for the January contest over at Club-Tutu on dA. This month's theme is "anime/manga crossover", where you can draw the PT cast as characters from another series, or draw the PT characters in the style of another anime/manga artist.

I've been looking forward to a contest like this because I love drawing fanart in a different manga style. Previously I've done CLAMP before, but I haven't done a CLAMP-styled fanart with Rue and Mytho yet, and these two are just so perfect for the dark atmosphere you find in the second half of Tsubasa. I also wanted to do a Tsubasa style fanart with Ahiru and Fakir and maybe something else with them in a different manga style as well, but I'm leaving for vacation in two days and I just won't be able to finish on time. D: Maybe if and when I do get it done after the contest I'll post it here as well. But for now I hope you will enjoy this fanart. ^_^

TRC style Rue and Mytho by ~Mangaka-chan on deviantART
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If you love magical girls and like to draw or write about them, than come join the Spring 2012 Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap!  It is an inclusive swap that allows magical girl fandoms from both the east and the west participate. 

Right now we are open for nominations.  Nominating fandoms and characters does not mean you have to join.  So if you think you only might be interested in joining, than come nominate!  It means your favorite characters and fandoms will be represented.

Info Here
The results of the last swap
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Since I'm having trouble getting my amazing projects written, I've decided to give myself a kick in the rear by writing for other people. That means I'm taking requests! I'll write one (1) short story for each of the the first five (5) people to ask! The result may be rushed and moderately stupid, but it'll be something.

Just give me any or all of the following:
  • Up to two (2) characters, pairing or not.
  • A situation or activity.
  • The general mood you want.
No adult themes, please. I don't mind romance or violence, but won't write sex or gore (for the purpose of this excercise, anyway). AU and crossover prompts are welcome, but if I'm not familiar with the other canon I'll leave it out.

If you want to know what you're getting into, the only fic I've finished is this one.

EDIT: I have my requests, and will get them done as soon as possible. Thank you all! :)
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This is just a heads up that nominations for the second magical girl fic and art exchange will begin on January 1st. You can read more here.
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This is part notice of change and part recruitment post. Those who have been part of the community for the last few years will know about and probably participated in our Secret Santa exchange. The last couple of years, [ profile] elfgrove and [ profile] asatira have managed the event, and have involved the Deviantart group in the last two. Unfortunately, due to increased activities in our regular lives, we are unable to organize this year's exchange.

However, if anyone wants to take over the duties for the event, please let us know. You can comment here or contact one of us. If you do want to take it on, please keep in mind there is a lot of responsibility and organization needed. You don't want to take on the job and be overwhelmed. To learn more about the Secret Santa exchange, you may want to check out the Secret Santa tags.
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Hello! I come bearing announcements, again, from Club-Tutu. We've just opened our latest contest, and it is just perfect for October and Halloween. We want you to have fun with superheroes. Click below to learn more about the contest.

2011 OCT Contest: Superheroes
by =Asatira on deviantART


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