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Feb. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm
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Hello, community.  I've been lurking here for several years & only now decided to post because [ profile] usedtotime has been encouraging me to do so for months.  I'm really nervous.  I'm really shy.  *hides*  (/).(\)
Ahiru is my favorite character and I really like making animated gifs.  I also like to paste together long panning shots into one giant image.  I've made quite a few Princess Tutu gifs and images and would like to share some of them so my intro post has some interesting content.  I've uploaded quite a bit of these onto Tumblr already

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Hello there! I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, and now seemed as good a time as any. I've actually been lurking here for a little while, but I thought it would be bad etiquette to show up without any offerings. However, since I'm not exactly skilled at either writing or drawing, I went a different route: hardcore geekery. Or, "How Fakir Was Actually Knighted (No, Really)."

And when I call this geekery, I'm not kidding; I looked up *sources*. Anyway, hope you enjoy this (and that the lj-cut works...) and I look forward to being a part of the community!

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Hello! I joined a few days ago, and thought to say hi. I'm Tuuli, Finnish, and I've been a Princess Tutu fan for quite a while now. In fact, I've no clue why it took me this long to join this community... maybe because I haven't really been 'in' fandoms for some time... well, dunno. But I pretty much fell in love with Princess Tutu right away when I first saw it. It's got to have one of my favorite stories ever. <3

Anyways, I've recently started writing fanfics again after a break of some years, so perhaps some day I'll have something more to offer. For now, the only Tutu related thing I've got is a crossover between Hikaru no Go and Princess Tutu (yes, kind of random, but I've been told it works. xD) Here, in the case someone's interested.
Summary: On a trip to Europe, Hikaru an Sai visit a little town in which strange things can - and do - happen.
Characters: Hikaru and Sai & Ahiru and Fakir (Mytho too, but he doesn't have a big role.)
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Um, Hi everyone! I'm Katchan00, or just Kat/Katy. Some of you might know me from deviantArt already.
I just got into Princess Tutu recently, and this is my first post on the community here after various people told me to join.

Without further ado, Fakiru Week 2011 day 1: Blue!
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Also! I'm under orders from mildmilotic to pimp my ongoing Fakiru-centric snippit fic, Glimpses and my other PT art!
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Hi, everyone! I just joined this community and this is my first time posting. Not much to say at the moment other than I love the anime and fandom, and as an offering I have written one Princess Tutu fic. (It's an AU mystery, Ahiru is a private investigator who goes undercover at Kinkan.)
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Hello everyone! I’m new here. Nice to meet you!!

So…for my first post in the community I wanted to share my attempt of translating some of the information that was in the Princess Tutu Guide Book scans.



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 Hey! Just look what i found on one japanese website! This video is just too awesome! I would love to have such a model!

P.S - I am new here.
Absolutely adore Princess Tutu and always looking for Princess Tutu stuff  for my collection.^^  
Eh, dont really know how to post the video there but just use this link (paste it). Hope it works!


May. 5th, 2011 06:24 pm
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Um, hi there!
I've been lurking on this community for a while, so I thought I'd get a LiveJournal account and finally join, lol.
I first watched Princess Tutu... a few years ago, I think. I completely fell in love with it and it's still one of my favorite series. :) I'm a huge Fakir/Ahiru fan; I also like Mytho/Rue a lot.
Sometimes I write short fanfiction for this series -- I might post some of it if I'm brave. XD; I also make AMVs, most of which are PT-centered~ My YouTube account is here:
It's nice to meet you all! *waves*
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Hey, all. Just found this community, so I thought I'd share the Princess Tutu fanfics I've written. One is Mytho/Ahiru, one is more Ahiru, and one is more Mytho. (If it wasn't obvious, I have somewhat of a preference for Mytho/Ahiru.)

Title: fallen requiem
Rating: K
Characters: Ahiru, Mytho.
Summary: She watches him, because that's all she can really do.

Title: caged bird
Rating: K
Characters: Ahiru.
Summary: You will never remember how to fly.

Title: heartbreaker
Rating: K
Characters: Mytho.
Summary: He was only meant to hurt.
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So I'm still new to livejournal, and this is my first time posting in a community so hopefully I'm getting this right! Please tell me if I've done something horribly wrong, haha.

Title: time from time shall set us free
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Word Count: 1114
Rating: G
Characters: Fakir, Rue, Mytho, Duck, Autor, Drosselmeyer. Some Fakir/Duck and implied Mytho/Rue.
Summary: Fakir adjusts to the ending, if sometimes in his dreams.
Warnings: Spoilers till the end of the series.


A fairytale that was once realityfleshbone is now just peninkpaper. )


Mar. 6th, 2011 05:16 am
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Hello everyone! :) I've been a member of this community for a while now, though I haven't made any posts here until now. Thought I'd break the ice and share an art I just finished, featuring one of my highly adored Princess Tutu OTP's ♥.

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Hello! I'm new to this community. It's nice to meet you all. ^_^
Princess Tutu is one of my favorite animes of all time and I recently got back into it after seeing the movie Black Swan.

Anyway, I like to draw. A LOT. I don't usually do fanart, but with Princess Tutu, I couldn't help it. *_* Here is an Ahiru and Fakir piccy! I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

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Hello, everyone~

I actually just finished watching PT a few weeks ago. And I thought, "I want to write something for this!" And... this counts as something, yes?

Criticism of any kind is more than welcome. *nod* This is definitely going to be something long, and if possible, I'd like to do the series justice with it. 

Summary: Fakir tries to start his new story, a task more difficult than he originally reckoned, and soon an old tale is pulled in an unexpected direction. Princess Tutu returns to her origin, but a Spider crawls with her, to spin his web of tragedy anew.

Intro Post

Feb. 15th, 2011 12:19 am
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Well at first I planned to post when I had a few drabbles to contribute but inspiration struck me at an unusual time and so I thought I would like to share an incredibly serious Fakiru comic as my introduction! 
"Ooh Mister Fakir" )
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Hello Hello! A new member is here! I think I've lurked around this community long enough, it's about time to join me thinks. So let me introduce myself, I'm Millie // Tweety, a fairytale nerd and I've been into Princess Tutu for a while now. My favourite character being Fakir! Closely followed by Ahiru. 

Anywhoo I have a question for you guys, well not so much as a question but a small favour ~ for school I have to make a presentation for my class on anything at all and I have chosen to talk about ballet. Now I won't be talking about ballet dancing but more of the stories expressed through ballet and also about the music. I'm really passionate about this and I want to do well but I haven't exactly gotten very far. What I'm asking is if you could perhaps post any information about ballet stories, their origins, symbolism, influences, trivia etc. It could be about a specific ballet or the stories in general but anything would be a great help.

Also as a last thing, does anybody have a diagram of some sorts for ballet mimes and their meanings? As I said anything would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time for reading this, sorry if it's too long ^w^

EDIT = Oops forgot to mention this :'D My focus in this presentation is ballet and it's association with fairytales.
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Hey, I've been watching this community for a while, but this is my first time posting, so this is my hello to everyone. And I come bringing an AMV! It's my first attempt at making one, so advice and comments would be great. Thanks! 

Hey all!

Jul. 22nd, 2010 05:39 pm
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I'm new here and just wanted to say hi :)

So how did I get into this fandom? Well, two nights ago, I sent a friend a link to an AMV (this one if anyone cares xD and was saying how I couldn't listen to the song anymore without associating it with a character from an anime even though the song and anime bear no relaition to each other. And so she sent me a link back saying that she felt this way too about another song and anime. Guess which vid she sent me?

That's right...Hall Om Mig! ^_^

I'd never heard of Princess Tutu before but I fell in love with it straight away in the AMV and then proceeded to watch the whole series in two days.

Ahhh I really really really want to learn ballet now!! :3 Though I fear it is too late for me. Bah.

Out of interest, what is it that made you fall in love with this show?

It's really hard for me to put this into words, so I'll try my best. I think the only way I can describe the kind of magic I felt from watching this was that I was captivated the air of simple innocence this anime had, that can only be found in fairytales. There was also the bittersweetness that I haven't seen in any other anime, the beautiful artwork, and how this show paid so much homage to classical music. I guess I'm also a sucker for hopeless situations and tragedy, even though it makes me cry (and I think I cried for half of this anime!).

But none of that compares explosion of thoughts about Mytho...*squee*!!! Goddamn he is HOT. For me, at the start of the anime, there was something so alluring about the way that Mytho was handled by those around him, as if he was nothing more than a doll. I don't know why but his docileness and his emptiness really caught my attention. And then his transformation in the second half!, I'm gonna stop now before I get too carried away.

So uh, in conclusion, there was something so surreal about Princess Tutu and I guess I fell under the spell immediately. So, thanks for reading this, and in case you've forgotten what my original question was: what is it that made you fall in love with this show?

Edit: Wow, I didn't think I'd receive this many welcomes! Your comments have truly touched me, and even brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful community, and I look forward to sharing my fanworks with all of you lovely people :)
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But better late than never!

I first heard of Princess Tutu years ago, fairly close to when it first came out.  But unfortunately, like a lot of people, I brushed it off because of its title. x_o;  Then in either 2005 or 2006, I just heard so many good things about it.  People saying "DON'T judge the title, it's a great show!", "It's like a fairytale, this series," and "Oooh! The ending made me cry so much!" so I was very very curious.  I watched the first three episodes.  I enjoyed them, but my interest in anime and manga was already beginning to wane at that point, so I just didn't continue.

Anyway.  Just recently I just suddenly continued it again...

And here I am now. xD I finished the series last night, and of the very few anime/manga series that I follow, it quickly became a favorite

Like most people, my favorite character is Fakir.  Though I loved him immediately, right from episode one.  It seems most people tend to dislike (or even hate) him for the first chunk before falling madly in love with his character, haha.  I also love the character Mytho, and my favorite ship for the series is Fakir/Ahiru.

I loved the entire series, but I liked the first season better.  I loved the focus on Mytho's heart pieces. =)

For those who're curious, my manga loves are Arina Tanemura, a couple CLAMP titles and Sailormoon.  I also enjoy Sera Myu (the Sailormoon musicals) and obviously, the anime Princess Tutu.  Other than those, I don't read or watch manga/anime. xD;  My name comes from the name of Sakura's sword from the series "Sakura Hime Kaden," Tanemura's latest series.  My icon there is from her single volume manga, "Zettai Kakusei Tenshi: Mistress Fortune."  Quite a mouthful, yeah.

Anyway yeah.  Hello!
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Hello everybody!!!!

This is the first community I ever joined. I'm a little nervous about it hehe ^^.

The AMV "hold me" motivated me to watch this Anime and i fell inlove with it, it's actually my all time favorite shojo anime! I finally decided to join this community after I rewatched the episodes. I'm also planning to make a fancomic/doujinshi for it and maybe some fanfics.

Oh, and I also live in Germany so if you have any questions about it you can always come to me. If there's anybody besides me from germany here I'd love to talk to you!!! 

So yeah i guess that's all for now
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Greetings, fellow Tutu-ists! I’m a first-time poster, novice LiveJournal user, long-time lurker and pretty big Princess Tutu fan. 

To keep this introduction short – I’ve studied German for about 5 years now, and in an attempt to retain as much of the language as possible over the summer, I have been finding new ways to read, listen to, and interpret German. Since I knew there was a lot of German in Princess Tutu, I went through the series to see what I might be able to translate. My findings proved to be rather interesting. 

I should warn you that it'll be kind of image-heavy.

All you children who love stories, come - gather 'round. )


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