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We now have a [livejournal.com profile] fakirue_shipbox!


This is a ship box for Fakir and Rue!
Use your Fakir / Rue journal (or make a new one), join, post/reply!

Some threads will have explicit adult content.
Please label these accordingly. NC-17 entries will be members-locked. Ratings can change, so please take this into consideration.

Need Inspiration?
A plotting post can be found here for your convenience. Feel free to chip in your own ideas!

[livejournal.com profile] fakiruship_box: Fakir/Ahiru RP Musebox
[livejournal.com profile] ruethoship_box: Rue/Mytho RP Musebox
[livejournal.com profile] pt_dr: Princess Tutu Dressing Room: Enchanted Castle

Also, Ahiru/Mytho Shipbox will be created sometime soon.
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But I promise this one's different. Yes, indeed, I am happy to introduce Tutu's first ever slash-box, a name which sounded a lot less strange in my head. It is called [livejournal.com profile] boxofswords  and is here to fulfill all of your Fakir/Mytho roleplaying needs. So come on down and introduce yourself, or go ahead and start something up if you like! Any questions or ideas can be directed at either myself or the illustrious [livejournal.com profile] val_tyr .

[livejournal.com profile] boxofswords [livejournal.com profile] boxofswords [livejournal.com profile] boxofswords 

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I wanted to post some art way earlier but I always postponed it

other things were in the way :S

Art under the cut! )

On a side note: I found a fairy tale that pretty much resembles the swan lake ballet story, although the ending is rather happy. It was written by Johann Wilhelm Wolf and it German it's called " von der schönen Schwan jungfer", translated it would be " about the beautiful swan maiden". I can't find it anywhere in English, not on Wiki at least :S. Sorry about that.

Click for the summary in super bad English :D )
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Once upon a time, a kingdom surrounding a vast and grand castle flourished. The townspeople were happy, and the royals were kind and generous.
But, somehow, tragedy mysteriously befell the town, and the kingdom was wiped clean of life. Only the ghosts of the deceased remained to continue their day to day duties, unknowing of their tragic fates.

One day, the doors between worlds opened...

[livejournal.com profile] pt_dr

A Princess Tutu Dressing Room: The Enchanted Castle )

Feel free to join with any PT character, AU, canon, what have you! We'd love to have you!
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Some questions for all of you, and my own answers.

1.  Who are your favorite minor characters (basically characters who aren't in the main four)?  Why?  Do you think they could be/need to be developed beyond their roles in the series?

I'm a giant fan of Autor, Femio, Drosselmeyer, and Raetsel.  Autor because he's a well-rounded, interesting character who goes beyond "creepy fanboy".  His interactions with Rue are heartbreaking.  His heroism at the end is surprising and fascinating.

Femio is crack on legs.  Drosselmeyer appeals to the sadistic wordsmith in me, and his story's gruesome and tragic and wickedly wonderful.

Raetsel seemed to have one of the more complex one-shot characterizations and her struggle with Fakir, Charon, and Hans is great, since she's selfish and indecisive.  She's the pure heart that's allowed to be wrong.

In fanfic and roleplay, I've explored what could've happened to these people to make them this way, save Femio.

2. What's your opinion of how the PT fandom treats minor characters?  Which ones are neglected?  Just how awesome is Femio, anyway, that's he's the only one-ep character elevated to main-cast status?  What fanwork would you like to see more of for minor characters?

I think that the show's focus on the main four causes a lot of forgetting that others exist, and I'd love to see more fanfic, fanart, AMVs, and roleplay focused on others.  Femio DESERVES his own tag on this comm and everything else he's gotten.  To quote someone on TV Tropes, he defeats the villains through sheer narcissism.

3. Let's focus on roleplay.  What minor character muses do you think deserve kudos, and who isn't played enough/is played too much?  Would you be interested in RPing someone who isn't Fakir, Ahiru, Mytho, or Rue?  Why or why not?

I enjoy working with characters and situations that aren't as charted-territory, so I've RPed Drosselmeyer, Autor, and Femio before.  I have lots of minor character players I admire, including the majority of Autors and Lilies, as well as an Edel or two.  I don't think one-episode characters are played enough.

4.  If you'd like to play a minor character, how would you feel about an after-series RP comm with none of the main four roleplayed and perhaps some unobtrusive (a.k.a. no raven children, magical waterfowl, or siblings) OCs?

I read back on the after-series RP ideas, and thought about this.  There would be a clear storyline but the focus was on how those influenced by the story that forgot about it at its end begin to reawaken, and it'll probably have a lot to do with the Bookmen and the remnants of the story left in the town.  Any OCs would need application and would probably generally encouraged to be normal students who had their lives changed indirectly by the story.

Without the coveted main four roles, it would be easier to see "who gets what" without fighting over who's going to be Fakir.  Is this something people are interested in?


Jun. 3rd, 2010 07:39 pm
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Just a few pieces, this time. I haven't drawn in awhile, so please excuse me if I'm a bit rusty. XD;;

That said, I was just fooling around with hairstyles, mostly. Annnd there's a link to something I put up on dev art awhile ago that I didn't have the guts to put up here, if you're interested.

Sketches are beneath this cut! )
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Hellooooo, you fantastic Princess Tutu fans!

A few months ago, we introduced the [livejournal.com profile] fakiruship_box, where we played out the Fakir/Ahiru pairing in several different situations and premises.

Well, we decided to share them with those who don't have livejournal accounts on FFnet! Sooooo, we all decided to reformat the roleplay threads into stories with permission from all the players involved.

And this is the result:

Beyond Ballet
Genre(s): Romance/General
Rating: M
Summary: A compilation of roleplay logs, canon and AU, by several people who simply love Fakir and Ahiru too much. Warning: some will have adult material, and will be labeled appropriately.

The players involved can be found listed here in the profile.

We have two chapters posted all ready~ Hope you enjoy!
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Sorry about the double-post, but at least it's a new day? ^^;

I've been wondering for a while.... Are there any solely Princess Tutu, gen/third season role-plays out there? I love one-on-one RPs, but rarely ever join group RPs both because I don't always like the whims of the mods (sometimes I feel like a puppet in Drosselmeyer's Stories, LOL) and because they rarely catch my interest enough (I'm downright picky, as some of the oldtimers here may remember). I'm not into crack, AU, or pan-fandom RPs, which seem to be the majority of the RPs I hear about. ^^; And I just wondered if anyone has ever made a PT RP that's more like a third season than anything else.


May. 19th, 2010 11:39 am
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I hope this is allowable, and not spam of any flavor whatsoever, but:

If anyone following this community sees this and also goes to Fanime...

and notices STFU Studios (no, I don't want to work out what that stands for, I think) in the Artists Alley...

and one of the people minding the store answers to Starherd...

feel free to tell her that Moon Shadow Magic (the sister, as distinct from the sister's horse of the same name) says "Hi."

I have too many bills to go say "Hi" in person. Maybe someday.

There is no discount involved, just goodwill. And since you're out there, you'll already be enjoying yourself, but Thank You and have a great time anyway!
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We'd love to have ANY characters from this series! So if you're at all interested, come try us out!

We'll be adding new characters this Saturday. Looking forward to playing with you!
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Hey, folks! Been awhile since I've done one of these, but the drawing muse has bitten me rather hard lately and I wasn't about to let inspiration go to waste, so...

Random sketches time!

Below the cut you'll find:

- A substantial amount of Fakir/Ahiru. But only one or two of them are really 'shippy'.
- Nerd!Ahiru
- Fanservice!Fakir
- A crossover pairing (thanks to RP - you know who you guys are)
- Rue and Fakir. Drinking and bitching. LOL.

8 sketches total! 

You can find the art right under this cut! )
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*give shy wave* Um, hello! I'm more of a lurker here than anything else, really - *shame* - but I'm a total roleplay nerd, and since Princess Tutu is one of my favorite animes of all time I wanted to know if anyone (or anyones! three other anyones!) wanted to roleplay it with me.

*embarrassed blush*

Whether on an offsite board or on Gaia Online (my personal preference, guys!), or by any other method you can think of, I'm totally open. I’m unsure as to what you guys would exactly want to do—whether it be start from the beginning and take the series in a darker direction with a different ending, or start from season two when evil! Mytho comes about. Or start somewhere else entirely in the Kinkan Town timeline.
I write well, I promise - around 400-750 words per post (300ish if it's, like, a dialogue post or something) and I'm committed! I can play any of the fantastic four except Ahiru (I'm not that plucky, sadly ^^;) though my favorite is Rue, and I do slash and yuri and all that! *shameful self-promotion*

So, yeah.

Looking for three others to do a four-person PT roleplay, is the gist of this ramble.

Please don't kill me.

*scurries back into corner*
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Lotta memes lately. I know there exist posts for finding AIM RP partners, but most of them are panfandom/hueg like the sun, and this fandom is pretty dinky, so perhaps a fandom-pecific one is in order. Mods, feel free to strike this down if it's stupid or whatever.
AIM RP Want-Ads Meme
-Use the code below to start your thread.
-Browse the threads of others, respond if you're interested, and feel each other out through conversation to see if you'd want to play together.
-No shenanigans.

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Yes kids, that's right, in light of a notable absence of places to play out everyone's favorite crazy nerd/crazy princess pairing, I have created a little ship-box-thing to accommodate our needs.

[livejournal.com profile] unopened_box 

Why [livejournal.com profile] unopened_box , you ask? Well, aside from there being no good namesmoosh for Autor/Rue, I felt that it would be an appropriately meaningful/emo name for a musebox about a pairing that never went anywhere. That and I wanted to do something different.

So come on down, bring your Rues and Autors (or make some Rues and Autors), and put the 'love' back in 'nerd love'!


Jan. 11th, 2010 05:04 pm
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So. Remember the post about the [livejournal.com profile] fakiruship_box?

Well. Made another one. [livejournal.com profile] ruethoship_box! For Rue and Mytho fans and muses to get together and share the raven/prince/princess love! Roleplay, squee, stalk, the works!


This is a ship box for Mytho/Prince Siegfried and Rue!
Use your Mytho and/or Rue journal (or make a new one), join, post/reply!

All entries are open unless otherwise noted.
In other words, if someone posts as Mytho, it doesn't matter how many Rues reply. This is for fun, so all scenarios are welcome~

Some threads may have explicit adult content.
Please label these accordingly. NC-17 entries will be members-locked. Ratings can change, so please take this into consideration.

[livejournal.com profile] fakiruship_box
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Hey all! I'm Sammie, for those of you who don't know me!

Thought I'd post it here, since the people who are all ready in it are enjoying it immensely!

For those who love Fakiru, and those who love to roleplay...We now have a small RP shipping community!

[livejournal.com profile] fakiruship_box

Keep in mind, there is explicit adult content in some of these entries, so only those 18+ will be able to view the comm. But any blatant NC-17 material will be locked to members only. More details under the cut )


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