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When, exactly, do the events of “Princess Tutu” take place? Depending on which fanfic you read or which fanart you view, it could be anywhere between the turn of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st.

However, I believe that there are enough clues, both shown and implied, that the likely general timeframe of “Princess Tutu” can be extrapolated to a single 25-year period.

Number crunching, refusal to disassociate reality from fiction, doubling back on scholarly paths, and boatloads of overthinking ahead!

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For those of you who managed to get through all that, I commend you.  Thanks for reading!
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Hello, community!  Today, I just received some Tutu reference material in the mail and I'd like to share some of it with you!  In total, there has to be about 125 of these things.  Since I don't have much time today to scan, but I was much too excited to not share with everyone, here are 18 of them that I thought are either interesting or could be useful to fanart or fanfiction.  (If you want to see more images like this, Mangaka_chan shared some images from her Materials Collection here)

I never considered that Mytho and Fakir's swords were different sizes.  It looks like their sword heights were designed to be  relative to the characters' heights.

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I totally hope that questions of this sort are allowed on this comm and that the moderators won't crucify me for asking stupid things, but here goes:

Can you recommend me some well-written and thoughtful essays on Princess Tutu?

I'm sure there were some clever posts on this topic in the past, but I don't see "essay" or "analysis" as tags, so I hope you guys can refer me to some useful links.

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So frustrating, wanting to respond to someone else's post (in this case a friending meme) and not being able to do so. I get an insertion cursor over the "post" button, not an arrow, and it won't work. Need $$ for a newer computer....

So, I put it here. It's not as much fun as a properly- placed one, but:

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Mar. 28th, 2012 08:30 pm
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Hi all,

I've recently started watching this series and am thinking about making an amv. Only problem is I don't have any episodes! I've spent so long looking my eyes are sore so I'd be very grateful if someone could lend me a hand in trying to find some ddls. Specifically I'm looking for episodes which are:

- Raw or english dubbed ( ie no subs)
- MP4 (preferably) or avi format
- good quality (doesn't have to be high def, just good enough quality to make masking easy)

Thanks in advance!
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I'm curious about it and I don't have the DVD. So please tell me whether the trailer has the English subtitle if anyone has the DVD.
If it has, please give me the complete one, for my friends and I are discussing the meaning of the trailer and we want to translate it to Chinese.
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Hey, guys! I was just wondering if anyone knows Ikuko Itohs address or anything? I wanted to write her a letter for a long time, searched through the Internet but found nothing.:/ oh well, maybe someday she will visit this community. Imagine, her posting here;)
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Hello there! I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, and now seemed as good a time as any. I've actually been lurking here for a little while, but I thought it would be bad etiquette to show up without any offerings. However, since I'm not exactly skilled at either writing or drawing, I went a different route: hardcore geekery. Or, "How Fakir Was Actually Knighted (No, Really)."

And when I call this geekery, I'm not kidding; I looked up *sources*. Anyway, hope you enjoy this (and that the lj-cut works...) and I look forward to being a part of the community!

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Hi everyone! I just found out about this group and I'm super pumped!! I just really love Princess Tutu :D. But anyhow, I don't know if this is okay, but I have a request. So, once upon a time, there was this website that was selling one of the most beautiful figures I have ever seen. Princess Tutu looked absolutely marvelous. But, they sold this figure about two years ago and I don't know if they will release her ever again. I asked the website if they would, but they said that they did not know when or if they will again. So, hope was lost. But then, I recently discovered that the popular figures would have the chance of being released again if they made the top 100, so hope has sprouted again! The only problem is that most people have forgotten about this wonder so it's not on the list. So here is my request: Would people be willing to put Princess Tutu in their wish list on this website? She may have a better chance of being released then: http://www.e2046.com/product/7891. You can also have a chance of having a magnificent figure of Princess Tutu if you do put her in your list..... Please let me know if you all can help!! ^^ Thanks!
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Hello everyone~~

I just got back from a 2-week trip in England and Germany and while I was in Germany, I was able to go to Nördlingen! It is, as most of you know, the town that Kinkan/Gold Crown town is heavillyyy based on. I was staying in Munich with a friend so it wasn't too far by train. (Thank you Jallou for helping me with the trains~~though they changed the schedule xD;;) I know pics of this town have been shared here before but ahhh I wanted to share mine, regardless!

I probably should have refreshed my memory with some episodes of PT before the trip but I stumbled upon some of the more notable landmarks that you see in the show.

Nordlingen photos~~ )

Thanks for looking!

(I actually have no idea what to tag this post, mods! I'm sorry. D:)
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I'm trying to find a screenshot of when Mr. Cat rejects Ms. Goatette, but I have no idea which episode that's in. If someone could tell me, I'd really appreciate it. I think it's in the second season, but I could be wrong. If you just tell me which episode it is I can make my own screenshot, but I'd rather ask than skim through each episode.

Edit: thanks, I had my question answered already!
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Hello everyone! I’m new here. Nice to meet you!!

So…for my first post in the community I wanted to share my attempt of translating some of the information that was in the Princess Tutu Guide Book scans.



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I found these while looking for some inspiration

The grand pas de deux
this one is hilarious XD

The sandman
very tim burton-like, haven't seen anything like this before

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Does anyone know where to buy them? They are so cute!
I don't know how to contact the pictures' owner.

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Otherwise, any of you happen to know that the orchestra that played Princess Tutu's music (both the classical and series-exclusive) is called Sofia Symphony Orchestra? Well, I just found out now (thus revealing how much of an epic dork I am) that they actually exist in the Amazon marketplace. (And presumably other places, but for convenience's sake)

As in, go listen to Sofia's Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker music -- they are identical to Tutu's versions. Unmistakeably. I SWEAR.

Here's one album that you can listen for yourself that has most of them:

Yeah, and I think that's the Ruslan & Ludmilla that was likely used in the Tutu series (seeing as all the rest of the ones on the OST are done by that orchestra), so if you have to have the one that's used in the series...pretty sure that should be it. And no, that one piece is not on the Tutu OST. =P

...But that's all of course if you are as much of a geek as I am that can tell any difference between orchestras playing the exact same song. ^^;; You can find plenty of other recordings by other orchestras that sound just as good or better -- just not *exactly* what Tutu used. lol

Here's a list of all the other music that they've recorded of you can buy mp3s of in case you're curious and pretend that it's a part of a supplementary Tutu soundtrack *is shot*:


(And since I'm guessing people will ask, and since there's really no reasonable way to actually buy the things since they were packaged with the limited edition first press of the Japanese DVDs....here are some links for the discs of the official Tutu OST itself:
Go on and compare them, I dare you! 8D )

/goes back to hermitville lurkingness
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According to Junichi Sato's note 13 , the original model of Drosselmeyer's grave is Hans Christian Andersen's Grave, famous for his children's stories because at the beginning, Junichi Sato believed that Drosselmeyer is a Nordic (note 1). But he also found out that Drosselmeyer should be a Germany name (note 8).

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I apologize if this has been posted before, but I've had these pictures floating around on my computer for a while. 

Nördlingen,Germany is a town in the Donau-Ries district, in Bavaria, Germany, with a population of 20,000. It is located in the middle of a complex meteorite crater, called the Nördlinger Ries. (copied from Wikipedia).

The various buildings, landmarks, and other notable features remind me strongly of the setting of Princess Tutu.  Some things like the chapel, the water fountain, the balcony when Ahiru is looking for Mytho, Charon's shop, various alleyways, that bridge where you ask all your questions, and the ruins in AKT 10, I believe, are easily spotted.  Thus, I'm making this picspam for you to enjoy the Real-Life-ness of Princess Tutu to your heart's content.

Feel free to fangasm. xD

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I finally got a scanner!!!

I realized that I didn't do much fanart for the series, or rather the traditional way( it was easier to post stuff i drew on the pc)I also had to sort out the bad ones ^^ and there were also quite a few which showed scenes from fanfiction I want to write and since I don't want to spoil anything I won't post them either

these are old and new
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I found the different words on Drosselmeyer's tomb in the beginning of ep 23:
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So I was Doing Nothing Much after a week of work and a sore throat, and doing that in front of the TV, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on....

I don't know if it's been mentioned on here before, but the views out of the glass Wonkavator at the end looked quite familiar. Wikipedia confirmed my suspicion that the location was indeed Nordlingen, ca. 1970. The article for the movie has a screenshot or two. There are more cars than we are used to seeing.


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